Night Dive Studios’ remastered version of the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is now scheduled for release on December 17, exclusively through digital PC storefronts.

Dinosaurs are back in a big way in 2015, what with the huge success of the Jurassic World film and the surprise indie hit ARK: Survival Evolved.  Yet any true dinosaur fans can say that it was the 90s when dinosaurs truly ruled all media. Sure, Jurassic Park in 1993 was okay, but did those dinosaurs have machine guns and time travel? Only Turok: Dinosaur Hunter delivered that action. Luckily enough, Night Dive Studios is almost finished with their remastered Turok.

Today Night Dive Studios announced that their remastered version of the first Turok will be available for purchase starting December 17. It will be available on Steam, and through the Humble Bundle store. This is a remastered version of the PC port for the classic Nintendo 64 game, as the original PC port isn’t really of a quality worth spreading around in 2015.

Don’t expect too ridiculous of a remaster here. Night Dive Studios has a new engine but isn’t going back and rebuilding the world, redoing models or anything really beyond making the game look presentable on a modern computer screen. That lack of modern graphics is sure to draw in a certain amount of criticism from those unfamiliar with Turok or N64-era visuals, but nostalgia and retro fans will hopefully balance that out with their enthusiasm.

An excellent trailer accompanied the December 17 release date announcement. It hits all of the right notes that fans of Turok need to see to get their blood pumping again. That opening dialogue line of, “I… am Turok!” followed by that raptor cry that sounds more like an angry kitty cat really sums it all up in just a few seconds. The trailer goes on to show off Turok‘s wide variety of weapons, enemy types and environments, exactly what made Turok the popular FPS it was in 1997.

Night Dive Studios also announced that they were doing a remastered update of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, which was just as well-received as the original Turok upon its launch. No release date has yet to be announced for the sequel, however. Considering the turnaround of just a few months from announcement to the Turok remaster’s December 17 launch, perhaps the Turok 2 remaster isn’t so far away. No mention’s been made of the third Turok game getting a remaster, thank goodness. Rest in peace, Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. You killed a franchise.

Night Dive Studios’ Turok remaster will be released on December 17 exclusively as PC digital download. It will be available through Steam, and the Humble Bundle store.

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