Video game developer Nightdive Studios announces the arrival of a level editor for its PC remaster of the first-person shooter Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Ever since the release date of Nightdive Studios’ remaster of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the PC, a decent portion of the first-person shooter franchise’s fan base has enjoyed the company’s enhanced take on the title, with a little over 1000 user reviews rating it with Overwhelmingly Positive scores on Steam. With that being the case, perhaps the developer has decided to pay the community back in kind by including a free update over the holidays that provides the Turok remaster with a custom level editor feature.

As seen in Nightdive Studios’ video below, fans can now create and modify maps, add fresh features to the stage, and go on to build full-fledged levels of their own design within Turok by using the new Turok FX Engine. Not to mention, should players be proud of the environments that they’ve made, the maps can be uploaded and shared via the Steam Workshop.

As it stands, the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster can only be enjoyed by PC fans, but Nightdive Studios has promised that the graphically enhanced version of the 1997 game will eventually be available for other platforms as well. For instance, the developer revealed several months ago that the game will be making its way to Xbox alongside its sequel Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

Even though PC fans have the advantage over Xbox owners when it comes to being able to play the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster, neither platform has received the game’s follow-up yet. Several months ago, Nightdive Studios confirmed that Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is to make a comeback on PC, but failed to mention a specific time frame – much less a release window – as to when it should launch.


One possibility that might have Nightdive Studios hesitant to offer up an official release date for its Turok 2: Seeds of Evil remaster could be due to the fact that it’s also currently busy developing a remake of the 1994 game System Shock. Interestingly enough, the company recently postponed the launch of its remake for the first-person action-RPG by giving it a delay until 2018, which could affect Turok 2‘s tentative launch date as well.

In any event, those who are currently playing the Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster on PC will more than likely be grateful for Nightdive Studios’ latest update for the game, as the custom level editor will allow fans to conjure up practically any kind of stage they can imagine. Of course, it will probably take a considerable amount of time and determination to make the levels as pristine as possible, but the feature’s inclusion ought to be fun nonetheless.

Nightdive Studios’ Turok: Dinosaur Hunter remaster is available now on PC.