'True Crime: Hong Kong' Has Now Become 'Sleeping Dogs'

True Crime Hong Kong Becomes Sleeping Dogs

True Crime: Hong Kong the name might be dead, but True Crime: Hong Kong the game most certainly isn't. In fact, after being purchased by Square Enix TC: HK has been given a new name, Sleeping Dogs.

Unfortunately, save for a Sleeping Dogs promotional image, which does seem to carry the same markings of True Crime: Hong Kong's design, Square Enix didn't shared much in the way of details. We imagine that, when purchasing the property from Activision, there was some stipulation that the final product could not bear the True Crime moniker, but any key changes besides that are unknown.

What we had previously known, though, is that the game is slated for release in the second half of 2012, which will certainly come up fast.

At the time True Crime: Hong Kong was cancelled, it was about part way through development before Activision boss Eric Hirschberg decided it just wasn't up to snuff. In his mind, the title needed to be at the top of the open world genre, a place reserved for properties like Grand Theft Auto, and TC: HK just wasn’t there.

Sleeping Dogs Promo Image

Square Enix saw differently, however. They fell in love with it upon seeing the game in action, and knew that new developer United Front Games were the perfect people for the job. How much of both companies determination to do right by this game comes from proving Activision wrong is unclear, but both definitely see something.

“The extensive experience that both studios have in creating compelling open world gameplay and rich, rewarding combat makes for a perfect partnership. Working together we’re ensuring Sleeping Dogs is the most intense and immersive game it can be.”

While no delay could have helped the project for Activision, a fast and furious development at Square Enix seems to be just the ticket for Sleeping Dogs. At the time the project was cancelled it was shaping up to be an interesting blend of open-world roaming and Hong Kong-style action. Let's just hope that Square Enix can prove this property was worth saving.

Do you think that Sleeping Dogs (True Crime: Hong Kong) has been given a second chance with Square Enix or was it always doomed to fail? How would you like to see Square Enix exert their influence on the project?

Sleeping Dogs is rumored to be targeting an August 2012 release on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Future Shop Gamer (via Eurogamer), United Front Games

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