When it comes to voice actors in video games no one is bigger right now than Troy Baker. He’s the voice of Booker Dewitt in BioShock Infinite, the stock voice of the player character in Saints Row the Third, and the voice of batman in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Although Baker is a regular at Comic-Con, promoting all of his numerous voice-acting projects, one of his main focuses for the event was the LEGO Batman 3 role. And we were lucky enough to sit down with the actor for a couple of minutes to pick that brain beneath the well-kept hair.

While the majority of our time was focused on LEGO Batman 3, and how much fun it was for Baker to jump back into the Batman role, he did share some thoughts on the possibility of The Last Of Us 2. Read his quote below:

“First of all, if they do it then they have a really strong story to tell and I’ll believe in that. And I think that especially from a pure developer standpoint it’s really expensive to build a world and build assets. So when they say it would be foolish not to [explore a sequel], it’s like guys we’ve got it, you know. Why not use it again? But the thing that I think stands to their credit more than anything is, even as expensive and as hard and everything as it is to build that world, those people are so committed to telling a good story that they will look at it and go, ‘Tear it down we’re good,’ and not go back to it and do something new and push themselves. So either way it goes I’m just excited.”

Essentially, Baker echoes a familiar sentiment shared by fans when a beloved property is in early sequel talks. He believes that if Naughty Dog does decide to make a second game it will be because they have found a story they want to tell, not because they want any more profit or accolades.

At the same time, Baker feels like Naughty Dog is at a place where, if The Last of Us 2 is not coming together the way they wanted, the developer would either scrap the project and start over or abandon it altogether. Either way, Baker doesn’t actually know anything at this point, but he trusts Naughty Dog implicitly.

The Last of Us Alternate Ending Joel

Although the prospect of further exploring Joel and Ellie’s story is intriguing, it feels like fans are mostly split on the idea of a sequel. On the one hand, The Last of Us tells a story — one about the harsh realities of life post-apocalypse — that, while its ending is open-ended, feels complete. But on the flip side that world is so rich and those characters are so dynamic and compelling that gamers would chomp at the bit to jump back into it. As well, Naughty Dog has acknowledged how foolish it would be of them not to explore a sequel, even if they may never go forward with their idea(s).

For now, though, Naughty Dog’s focus is on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sure, The Last of Us 2 will be in the periphery, but the developer’s focus is clearly on Nathan Drake’s (rumored) last adventure.

How do you feel about Naughty Dog making a sequel to The Last of Us? Do you trust in ND like Troy Baker?

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