Tron Legacy Video Game To Premiere at Spike VGAs

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Tron fans already excited about Tron Legacy will have a reason to tune into the 2009 Video Game Awards this year. The 2009 Video Game Awards (VGAs) is going to be host to a number of video game previews including a preview for the new Tron game.

The ad begins with a user logging in as KFLYNN. Suddenly the words “VIRUS DETECTED” flash on the screen and we see some rapid clips of light cycles and programs, none of which are uniquely identifiable. The last shot is of a yellow hooded and caped program holding an identity disc which is clearly of the same design as that shown in the Tron Legacy Trailer.


My first reaction is to wonder whether or not you’ll be playing as Kevin Flynn and if that’s the case, when will this story be taking place? Does the “virus detected” warning mean that we’re going to be treated as an invading virus, or that our mysterious hooded program will be? So many questions yet to be answered, and hopefully a few of them will be when the game is premiered at the VGAs.

Watch the footage and see what you think:

SPIKE’s 2009 Video Game Awards will broadcast on December 12, 2009 at 8PM/7C on Spike TV. There will be other previews shown at the awards, including previews for a new Star Wars game, a new title from 2k Games, and Halo: Reach. I’m looking forward to hearing about all of these games when the VGAs hit (or miss).

What do you think about the Tron teaser and what are you looking forward to seeing in the game?

Source: Spike TV

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