‘TRON: Evolution’ multiplayer mode gets detailed with video and screenshots

Tron: Evolution

TRON: Evolution’s new multiplayer modes have officially been detailed. As a TRON fanatic, I must say the game that we wished existed, may finally be among us. Between the four different multiplayer game variations, open world maps, ranking system and ability to utilize vehicles, TRON: Evolution will surely trump the light cycle mode in Tron 2.0.

The multiplayer mode allows for up to 10 players playing simultaneously with Programs (the AI enemies often notably wearing glowing red suits). The four different modes are similar to Halo 3 and Unreal Tournament with a TRON twist.

  1. Disintegration is a free for all where players compete to derezz (kill) their opponents. The player with the highest amount of derezz points wins the match.
  2. Team Disintegration is the same as Disintegration, but competing in a team.
  3. Bit Runner is a capture the flag type game. Teams compete to be the bit runner for the longest period of time while staying on the grid and avoiding the enemy from trying to derezz you.
  4. Power Monger is much like capture the node in Unreal Tournament. Two teams compete over capture points. To gain points the nodes need to be linked together. This makes a more competitive environment unlike how in Battlefield Bad Companies conquest mode really doesn’t require anyone to defend a captured point.

In team based game modes users can join forces with AI or battle against them. One of the more logical attributes of TRON: Evolution is the ability to persistently progress your character whether you are in single player or multiplayer mode. According to the release you can quickly jump into a multiplayer game in the middle of a single player campaign. Upgrades achieved in either mode will carry over.

Each game mode can be played on the four maps, which two of the larger ones, Defrag and Circuit Board, allow vehicles. The other two maps, Hard Disk and Heat sink, are medium-sized so there are no vehicles. The smaller maps do allow you to roam freely and climb vertical architecture though. Two additional free maps are to be released on launch date, which can be downloaded from a code found in the game case.

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The most prominent and well known symbol in TRON is the light cycle. In TRON: Evolution there will be three to choose from. In addition to the light trails left behind a light cycle, some of them will allow you to throw discs while driving for some added destruction. They have also received an upgrade as they can turn in arcs or right angles now. Additionally there will be light tanks available, which are noted to be powerful and quite slow. Users will be able to activate their light cycle at any point, and it appears that standing Programs have shields.

All maps also have Pick-Up. The overcharge Pick-Up looks like a strand of DNA and refills a players health and energy. The User mode that looks like the TRON symbol provides a period of invincibility. Lastly, the Equalizer gives players a one-hit derezz on their opponents for a short period.

TRON: Evolution will release on PC, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS on December 7, 2010. A collector’s edition will also be available at launch.

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