Tritton has put out some quality headphones recently, many of which could be considered to be among the best available, and the latest Tritton Pro+ 5.1 stays true to the company’s lineage. As one of their middle of the road products, this particular headset offers dedicated gamers a legitimate alternative when compared to some of the other high-end headsets currently on the scene. It’s not the best headset on the market, it’s not even the best Tritton product available, but the Tritton Pro+ is a solid option for anyone looking for a legitimate gaming headset.

A number of dedicated gamers look for headsets in order to experience the benefits of surround sound, and the Tritton’s latest delivers consumers just that. Being able to hear 360 degrees within a game world can give players an edge during online play, and the Pro+ delivers that heavily desired aspect. Listening to the footsteps of enemies within a wonderfully created 3D field makes it much easier to know where they’re coming from before they’re even aware of the other user’s presence, and the 5.1 surround headset will effectively immerse individuals in whatever they play.

It doesn’t hurt that there’s literally a myriad of customizable sound options available at the user’s disposal either. Users are able to adjust every aspect of the 5.1 surround sound they like through a toggle attached to their system’s cord, or the box that the controller jacks into. Every speaker (such as the front, rear, center, and subwoofer) can be modified whenever players feel the need. There’s also the option to make it so that gamers can hear their own voice, so that they can make appropriate adjustments to make sure their microphone isn’t disrupting others — be it with breathing or background noise.

Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Surround Headset Review

It’s never been easier to customize your audio preferences with this thing dangling from your head.

Of course, playing for an elongated amount of time means that those headphones glued to a gamer’s head need to be comfortable — this is one of the few areas where Tritton has slightly faltered. The headset certainly isn’t uncomfortable, but using it for large amounts of time will make it feel apparent that you’re wearing a headset. The pad located at the top of the headset, in particular, can become uncomfortable for those who are unable to find a sweet spot to rest the device on their head. Overall the device isn’t by any means painful to wear, but after long gaming sessions the Tritton Pro+ can become a little irritating.

The Tritton Pro+ 5.1 wired and you will have long cords stretching across the living room floor for playing on consoles. While not having to recharge the batteries on the Tritton is handy, the actual cord that connects it to the Dolby Digital box is rather bulky, and has a habit of getting in the way while playing a game. Furthermore, the previously mentioned Dolby unit can’t be plugged into the USB port of either the 360 or PS3, and instead needs its own wall plug in order for the headset to work. This means gamers with a fully stocked power bar are going to have to shift a few things around in order to experience the 5.1 surround sound.

Even though there are a couple of issues with the Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Surround Headset, it’s a great option for any serious gamer looking to effectively immerse themselves within a game’s atmosphere. That said, it’ll run consumers upwards of $199.99, and is comparable in price to similar products on the market. Anyone looking for a wireless option will want to pass on the Pro+, but players who like not having to constantly recharge their headset will definitely enjoy the quality of Tritton’s latest.

The Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Surround Headset is available now for $199.99, and it’s compatible with the Xbox 360 and PS3; it can also be used on PC/Mac in Europe.

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