Trine 2 Launch Trailer & Release Date

Trine 2 Launch Trailer

It's been a long time coming for the follow-up of 2009's Trine. Before the year is up, gamers will get to journey through the gorgeous 2D side-scroller sequel, Trine 2. Game Rant has the official launch trailer and we'll tell you when you can expect to jump into new 3-player co-op sidescrolling adventures.

Trine 2 has been a little under the radar, but rest assured knowing that this title will be available December 20 for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in North America, with a European release slated for a later date yet to be announced. Currently, Trine 2 is now available on Steam for PC and Mac. Unfortunately, there has been no word on the pricing for the US release, but the standard edition on Steam is going for £11.99 (roughly $19). The collector's edition includes in a digital art book, developer commentary, and the original soundtrack from Ari Pulkkinen (Angry Birds, Outland fame) which costs £17.99 ($28).

If that wasn't enough to satisfy, a dazzling trailer has been released in anticipation for the Trine 2 launch. This trailer displays an amazing amount of gameplay for Pontius the knight, Zoya the thief and Amadeus the wizard, showcasing not just single-player but co-op as well. The environments look stunning with tons of interactivity and 3D elements. There is a lot more action than story compared to the first Trine 2 trailer that was released a year ago. Watch the beautifully crafted gameplay launch trailer below:


Along with the release of the launch trailer, FrozenByte is sharing new screenshots from the game that only scratch the surface to what is in store for its release.

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About Trine 2:

"Trine 2 takes gamers on another adventure with the powerful knight Pontius, the swift thief Zoya and the crafty wizard Amadeus. The three heroes embark on a new adventure more fantastic than ever, where you will have to survive lethal traps and terrifying monsters, solve many physics-based puzzles and unravel an epic mystery during a challenging campaign that can be played either solo or in co-op with up to 3 players online or offline! Featuring stunningly sumptuous visuals, a masterful original soundtrack, and clever physics-based gameplay, Trine 2 is the perfect mix of old-school platforming action, original physics-based level design, and cooperative multiplayer fun!"

How does Trine 2 compare to other side-scrolling adventure games that we've seen come out this year?

Trine 2 is out now on Steam for PC and Mac and will be available for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade before the year is up on December 20!


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