Trine 2 Trailer & Details

The Finnish company Frozenbyte & publisher Atlus have revealed a sequel to the side-scrolling action platform and puzzle game, Trine.

Trine 2 gives gamers the opportunity to continue their journey with the thief, knight and wizard from the first title. The follow-up will include enhanced graphics and add the luxury of three-player online gameplay. The beauty of the environments and the expanded multiplayer experience will excite those who played the original and gain the interest of those who may have never heard of Trine.

Released on the PC and PlayStation Network, the original Trine was a visually-striking and well-designed puzzle platformer that received critical acclaim in the gaming community. Frozenbyte & Atlus are aiming to take the rich experience created in the first game to a whole new level in the sequel. Aram Jabbari, Atlus PR manager, discussed the advancements being made for Trine 2:

"Trine 2 introduces online cooperative support for up to three players, dramatically expanding the fun and appeal of the game’s spectacularly rich action platforming. In addition, the unique traits and abilities of the three character types in Trine 2 mean more now than ever before, with enhanced skill trees and progression ensuring perfect balance... As a result, the game’s new arsenal of thrilling physics-based puzzles delivers just as much challenge and satisfaction for a sole player as for three friends playing together."

Check out the Trine 2 trailer below:


The trailer shows off the enhanced graphics and gameplay to be expected from the sequel. The levels shown are stunning and are more like three-dimensional interactive paintings rather than your traditional side-scrolling backgrounds.

Even more exciting, some of the abilities of the thief, knight and wizard are showcased along with the ability to switch between them during a battle. The enchantment and wonder from the original will be multiplied in its successor.

Trine 2 is scheduled for a Spring 2011 release.

Source: VG247

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