10 Incomplete Trilogies We Are Still Waiting To Finish

The video game industry, like every other entertainment-based medium, is run by money. If a game sells well it will assuredly get a sequel. If not, then it will probably get abandoned. Maybe it wasn’t for money reasons either. Whatever the case may be, we, and other gamers out there, have been collectively waiting for these ten examples to finish off their trilogies.

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Some of these have been gone for a few years while others have remained hidden for decades now. In case it wasn't obvious, there may be spoilers below in regard to endings.

10 The Conduit

The Conduit was an ambitious exclusive first-person shooter for the Wii, which featured aliens invading the White House. It launched in 2009 with the sequel releasing in 2011. What makes waiting for the third entry so hard is the fact that Conduit 2 ends with, get this, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington revealing themselves to still being alive. Not only that, but they look like they came from a Master Chief lookalike contest. It is one of the most bizarre cliffhangers of all time and we desperately want to see where this series was going with that.

9 Bushido Blade

Calling Bushido Blade an unfinished trilogy may be a bit too epic of a description for these two games. That said it did have a story and only two games so it fits the bill. Now the first game launched for the PS1 in 1997 with the second releasing just a year later. There is a connecting story throughout, but mostly we just want to experience this unique fighting game again in whatever way we can.

8 Mega Man Legends

Mega Man Legends first launched for the PS1 in 1998 in North America. The sequel came out in 2000, which ended with Mega Man Trigger being stuck on the moon with Roll and Tron working together on a rocket to rescue him.

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Fans wanted to see this resolved for over a decade now and Capcom finally answered with Mega Man Legends 3 on 3DS…which was canceled after a year of it being announced. Will this saga ever be concluded?

7 Chrono Trigger

Calling Chrono Trigger an unfinished trilogy is about as silly as Bushido Blade, but as it and its sequel, Chrono Cross, sort of have ties, we wanted to include if only for the fact that Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs of all time. Nay, one of the best games of all time, period. That was a 1995 release on SNES with Chrono Cross being a 2000 release in North America on PS1. At one time Square Enix did trademark the name Chrono Break, but nothing ever came of it.

6 Dark Cloud

What is it with Level-5 and not being able to make a third game in their franchises? The best series in question is Dark Cloud. Now the first game launched in 2001 for the PS2 in North America and the sequel, also on PS2, released in 2003. Like other games on this list, the stories weren’t really connected. The series instead shared themes of rebuilding worlds after destruction. They were novel ideas. Combining Sim City like building mechanics with a roguelike RPG may sound odd, but it worked incredibly well.

5 Half-Life

What’s up with Valve and ending their franchises in the twos as well? Anyway, Half-Life was a 1998 PC game. The last we heard from this series was an episodic expansion to the second game in 2007. For those that didn’t play it, or don’t remember because it has been over a decade, Alyx’s father gets murdered. That is why fans have been clamoring for another episode at the very least. It is infamous at this point. Just for the record, we also want Valve to finish Left 4 Dead and Portal.

4 Prototype

Prototype launched on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in 2009 with the sequel being a 2012 release on those same consoles. The first follows an outbreak of mutants, with Alex Mercer being in the center of it all. The sequel then follows a solider affected by Mercer’s actions, giving players a new perspective to the situation. Also, Mercer is the main antagonist, which not many games have tried. Who would the third game star? That is what we are dying to find out.

3 Zone of the Enders

Zone of the Enders shares a cruel fate akin to Mega Man Legends. The first game launched on the PS2 in 2001 with the second releasing also on PS2 in 2003. It was thanks to Metal Gear Solid 2’s demo being packed inside the first game that a sequel was even financially possible.

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Anyway, there was a third game finally announced in 2012, but after Hideo Kojima left Konami after the Silent Hills incident it was presumably canceled just like that game was.

2 Deus Ex Reboot

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was essentially a reboot of the franchise in 2011 after many delays. Similarly its sequel, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, also was held back for a while until it finally released in 2016. Based on the trajectory it might be safe to assume the next game will be out in 2021. However, after the poor sales of that game and because the team is now working on Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix has come forward to imply that this series is on hold for a while. Maybe for good, but we hope not.

1 Resident Evil: Revelations

It may seem like only yesterday, but Resident Evil: Revelations 2 came out in 2015 with the first originally being a 3DS exclusive in 2012. While both games don’t hold much in common, there was a theme combining the two. These were made in the hopes to rekindle the series’ more horror-based roots. It still had plenty of action, but they brought back the spooky vibes in a good way. Since then Capcom has made Resident Evil VII and the remake for Resident Evil 2. Presumably, then they may have abandoned this sub-series since they rebooted the series in a bigger way with those two games.

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