Trials Rising Trailer and Release Date Revealed

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It's been four years since we last saw a proper new entry into the Trials series, with fans' last dose of the dirt bike action coming from Trials Fusion. So, although it wasn't announced prior to the conference, it's no real surprise that Ubisoft Redlynx took to the stage at E3 to announce Trials Rising, the latest instalment in the series.

The trailer was announced in a comedic fashion, with Redlynx's founder driving towards the Ubisoft stage on a dirt bike dressed as Evel Knieval, only to "trip" and crash into the podium set out for him on stage. After announcing that crashing like this is a key element of the Trials series, he unveiled the new trailer, which can be viewed below:

The trailer showed off gameplay very much in line with what would be expected from a new Trials game: crazy tracks, big jumps, and even bigger crashes. There did, however, seem to be a significant focus on interactive environments, with the player being catapulted around the track in ways which haven't quite been seen before in previous entries in the series.

The trailer also seemed to be pretty careful to show an even mix of single player, four player, and larger-scale 8-player gameplay. This is likely an indication that the game will follow its predecessor in having a fully-fleshed out single-player mode, as well as local multiplayer and bigger online matches.

After showing the trailer, the game's title, Trials Rising, was displayed with the tagline "Eat Dirt. Taste Victory". Details were then immediately given about the game's release date, which is currently scheduled for February 2019, for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and - as a first for the series - Nintendo Switch.

Fans who are excited at the prospect of a new Trials game and unable to wait until 2019 to get their hands on it will be happy to hear that a Beta will be out soon for Trials Rising. To sign up for access to the Beta, visit Ubisoft's official website, where a page is now live for the game.

Trials Rising is currently in development and will release in February 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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