It has been a whirlwind launch for Bungie’s Destiny 2. Amidst reports of PlayStation users struggling with Destiny 2‘s login system and the outrage over single-use cosmetic shaders, however, the net response has been a positive one – a brief glance at most users’ online friends can confirm the sheer scope of the online shooter’s reach in terms of playerbase.

The sudden influx of screenshots, video, and player commentary has generated such a positive buzz that small hints about the direction of the game moving forward are being outright ignored. For those wondering about where Destiny 2 is headed in terms of multiplayer events, the rumored Trials of the Nine name that circulated a few months back has now officially been confirmed. Simply check out any clan page – like the official Game Rant one, for instance – and hover over the progression bar next to the clan banner. Here’s what it looks like:

destiny 2 trials of the nine game rant clan

Trials of the Nine was originally “confirmed” via datamined voice lines from the PC beta, although there was still a chance Bungie had repurposed the name for something else within Destiny 2‘s gameplay features. There’s no word yet on what Trials of the Nine will contain during multiplayer skirmishes, but the datamine suggests that it will either rotate between Countdown mode and Survival mode, or offer a hybrid of the two in the form of something called Judgement instead.

It’s a bit early for many players to even consider what multiplayer will look like, anyways. Although more information will surely become available in the coming days, Destiny 2 players are simply embracing the game for what it is – in the eyes of many, a vast improvement and evolution of the promise that Destiny showed. Even Bungie seems to better understand the game’s community, abandoning some of the grim seriousness that cast monochromatic hues over much of early Destiny with colorful Destiny 2 advertisements featuring dance-offs instead. It’s a good week to be a Guardian, and hopefully, Trials of the Nine will make it even better soon.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.