Trials of Mana HD Remake Release Date Revealed

trials of mana release date

Earlier this summer, it was confirmed that there will be a full-on HD remake of the classic RPG Trials of Mana is coming in 2020. When exactly it would be coming out next year wasn't specified then and has remained a mystery for months. That changed this week, as Square Enix finally announced that Trials of Mana will be out for PC, Switch, and PS4 on April 24.

Being a full-on remake instead of a mere remaster, the new game will have something fresh for both longtime fans of the Mana series and interested newcomers. Aside from the 3D graphics, Trials of Mana's HD version will sport a reworked real-time combat system, the ability to change character classes, voice acting, additional character interactions, a remastered soundtrack, and more.

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Other than that, the game will remain the same as its SNES original, down to its story and characters. As before, Trials of Mana will let players chose a protagonist and two companions from six different characters, each with their own unique plot. All of these overlap throughout the story, and the story will change depending on which hero and companions the players choose.

Additionally, Square Enix is giving away a special pre-order bonus in the form of the Rabite Adornment. This is an in-game accessory that will grant additional experience points to players early on, all the way up to level 10. On top of that, PlayStation 4 owners who pre-order will receive a special set of Avatars based on the game's six protagonists.

First released exclusively in the east back in 1995 as Seiken Densetsu 3, Trials of Mana tells the story of a world where people conspire to release eight mighty monsters of destruction from their prisons inside eight magical stones. In their quest to prevent the monsters' escape, players can enhance their characters through a "light/dark" system that grants the characters unique abilities and appearances. What these are depend on whether players choose light or darkness.

The original version of Trials of Mana is currently available on the Nintendo Switch as part of the three-game compilation Collections of Mana, which finally saw a worldwide release in June this year. For those who are really eager for more Mana, it should be a good way to bide time until the remake is out.

Trials of Mana will be released for PC, PS4, and Switch on April 24, 2020.

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