E3 2015: ‘Trials Fusion’ Awesome Level Max Expansion Trailer Features Cat Riding Unicorn

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Ubisoft has had a busy E3 2015 so far, using their press conference to highlight and detail a number of their anticipated titles such as The Division and Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft also had a couple tricks up their sleeve, surprising the audience with a number of surprises like For Honor, a brutal new IP from Ubisoft Montreal, and the next entry in the Ghost Recon franchise which promises a responsive open world.

While many core franchises were revealed and shown off live on stage, Ubisoft surprised many by announcing a seventh expansion pack for Trials Fusion called Awesome Level Max through a wacky trailer.

In a sneaky new trailer, which did a great job hiding the game that it represented until the end, Ubisoft revealed that Awesome Level Max would once again be expanding the world of Trials Fusion next month with plenty of content to keep fans happy. Though the trailer didn’t actually show any gameplay, a press release which followed the conference did reveal a number of new features, including a playable unicorn riding cat.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is bringing 30 new tracks to the game split into 2 separate events. The first is called The Awesome Adventure which turns the player’s bike into the aforementioned Cat and Unicorn duo navigating across some fantastical landscapes. RedLynx vs All-Stars is the second event and features handpicked, custom made courses from both the RedLynx developers and the community.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

Additional content players can look forward to from this expansion include 7 new garage items, new editor items, 30 new track challenges, and five new trophies/achievements for players to earn.

The news may be a bit surprising to fans after RedLynx completed the Trials Fusion season pass once the sixth content pack released in May. Considering the series has sold well over 1.7 million copies as of last February, another expansion announcement is certainly a welcome one for fans of the physics based title.

The Trials series has never taken itself too seriously with the outrageous and cringe worthy ragdoll effects after crashing and purposely excessive explosions, Awesome Level Max looks to take the series to wacky new heights. With a gun toting cat riding a fire breathing unicorn, it’s anyone’s guess as to what other kind of insanity awaits riders once this content arrives.

With a seemingly different tone on display, who’s excited to jump back into the world of Trials?

The Awesome Level Max expansion for Trials Fusion will be available digitally on July 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. At this time, there’s been no word on a Xbox 360 version.

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