An image posted by the Taiwanese ratings board seems to confirm the existence of a crossover that blends two of Ubisoft’s most popular franchises; Far Cry and Trials.

Everyone loves a good video game crossover — and it seems that Ubisoft might have a rather unexpected one in the works. The latest evidence suggests that the publisher might be bringing together two of its most popular franchises: Far Cry and Trials.

A tweet from Twitter user lifelower posted on Tuesday seems to show a Taiwanese rating for the bizarre crossover. The screenshot suggests that Trials of the Blood Dragon will release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It makes sense that the well-received Blood Dragon would be included in such a zany project. The spin-off to Far Cry 3 came right out of left field when it released in 2013, injecting an eccentric sense of humor and a unique neon aesthetic into the well-established gameplay for the exotic FPS franchise.

Of course, the Trials games have never taken themselves too seriously. For example, the most recent release in the series — an expansion titled Awesome Level Max — allowed players to swap out their bike and rider for a gun-toting cat perched on a unicorn.

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

A blend of first-person shooter and side-scrolling physics platformer might not sound like a match made in heaven, but the sheer zaniness of this project gives it a unique appeal. Presuming that the leak is legitimate, it’s interesting to consider what form the final release would take.

It’s been two years since the release of Trials Fusion, the most recent installment in the series. Given that its two predecessors released in 2009 and 2012, respectively, we’re about on track to hear about plans for a fourth iteration sooner rather than later.

However, there’s some evidence that Trials of the Blood Dragon might be another expansion, rather than a whole new release. For one, the image that accompanies the Taiwanese rating application is taken from promotional materials for Trials Fusion.

There’s also the fact that a full game might struggle to maintain the humor that is sure to be derived from mashing up Far Cry with Trials. Several smaller expansions that each focus on a different IP from Ubisoft’s impressive collection of franchises might be a more appealing prospect.

Either way, it seems almost certain that we’ll hear more about Trials of the Blood Dragon at E3 in June. With new hardware on the way and the potential for surprising announcements like this one, this year’s show could be the best we’ve seen in years.

Source: Twitter