Trials Evolution Sales Record

Trials Evolution, the hotly anticipated follow-up to one of the downloadable era’s most beloved titles, is now the Xbox Live Arcade‘s fastest one-day seller. Recording over 100,000 downloads in its first 24 hours, Trials Evolution has proven to be an instant success, and has firmly supplanted Microsoft’s Arcade Next promotion, which sees the release of Bloodforge this week, as an annual mainstay.

Demand for Trials Evolution hit such a high during the initial release of the game that developer RedLynx was forced to increase their server capacity in order to accommodate the 100,000+ players. When first logging into the game some experienced outages on the leaderboards, but after Microsoft and Red Lynx squared everything away things were running much smoother.

Even though Trials Evolution, and Trials HD, focus on a very niche genre, the appeal of the title once played is hard to overlook. Any non-motocross fan would scoff at the idea of Trials, but as Andrew Dyce explains more eloquently in his review, the game is extremely fun.

For those that don’t know Trials is essentially a skills competition where the player must navigate a dirt bike through a course of jumps, hills, and other ridiculous obstacles. Trials Evolution upped the ante for the series with a dramatic visual overhaul, and a wide selection of modes, while still keeping true to the spirit of the game. It’s absolutely a game worth checking out even if, like me, you think it might not be your cup of tea.

At 1200 MS Points, or $14.99, Trials Evolution doesn’t come cheap, but a grand total of close to $1.5 Million in its first day is hard to overlook. Trials Evolution might not be the story-based experience like Limbo or Bastion, that typically draws the Xbox Live Arcade news, but this game’s fans sure came out of the woodwork on day one.

Were you one of the 100,000 gamers that picked up Trials Evolution on the first day? Do you think the overabundance of Xbox Live Arcade promotions undermines their importance?

Trials Evolution is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Source: Gamasutra