'Sleeping Dogs' Follow-up 'Triad Wars' Gets First Trailer

Triad Wars Trailer


Late last week, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games revealed that they would officially unveil Triad Wars, the SD follow-up they announced almost a year ago. However, because that initial announcement didn't have much to say, gamers were eager to finally discover what Triad Wars is all about.

Today, United Front has revealed that Triad Wars trailer, which features some quick glances at gameplay as well as some developer interviews. Much like Sleeping Dogs took players into the Hong Kong under the guise of a cop, this new game puts them in control of a Triad enforcer.

As the name suggests, Triad Wars central concept revolves around building up a player's gang empire. That includes raiding rival gang hideouts, completing various story missions, and customizing their empire's racket (counterfeiting, drugs, etc.). It all sounds really intriguing and could help sustain Triad Wars in the long run. Check out the above announcement trailer for more.

Triad Wars Trailer

In the video, United Front shows minimal gameplay, but Triad Wars certainly looks like a Sleeping Dogs successor. In fact, the developers seem to suggest they have reused the Hong Kong from SD for Triad Wars. They've also seemingly improved upon the solid combat and gunplay from Sleeping Dogs, by adding more depth and brutal finishing moves. That doesn't mean players have to run around Hong Kong cracking heads and taking names, though; United Front promises that power can be obtained through more seedy means like extortion, hacking, or money laundering.

Since Triad Wars is a PC-focused open world title, players can expect the game to look on par with most next-gen experiences. Sleeping Dogs may have looked fine on last-gen platforms, but the game really shined on PC, so much so that the game still holds up despite being in development for more than five years.

Triad Wars Screenshot - Rival Gang Leader

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After finding surprise success with Sleeping Dogs it appears United Front isn't about to reinvent the wheel. Rather, they want to build upon those elements that made SD a hit, but position them from a new perspective.

We obviously have some questions about how the open world or rival gang elements will work in a multiplayer context, but that info should come in time. However, those gamers who want to get in on the Triad Wars action clearly can sign up for the game's beta at

What do you think of this first look at Triad Wars? Are you excited to jump back into the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong?


Source: United Front Games

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