After delivering the highest selling Call of Duty title (that is, until Modern Warfare 3 releases) to date, it seemed like a no-brainer that developer Treyarch would continue their trade-off with Infinity Ward and deliver the next Call of Duty late next year. What wasn’t assumed, and frankly wasn’t even considered is that said title might actually be coming to a new console.

According to the job posting, Treyarch is looking for a “senior platform engineer [to take their] hugely successful game to a new console.” Essentially, without the cryptic description, Treyarch is saying they are looking for someone to help bring their version of the Call of Duty franchise to a new platform.

We had heard some reports that suggested Treyarch was going to continue their Black Ops brand — perhaps even bringing back the Gary Oldman-voice Reznov — but no one would had considered a new console was in the equation.

While Treyarch working on Black Ops 2, or another Call of Duty title, was pretty much a done deal, that title being made available for a new console is something to get excited about. Whether or not that console are the previously revealed Vita and Wii U or something mysterious like the PS4 or Xbox 720 we can’t say, but one has to imagine, with only a year to develop, that its more likely the Wii U or Vita.

But, it’s still worth considering what a Call of Duty, née a Treyarch-developed Call of Duty title, would like look on the next generation of consoles. Battlefield 3 is currently showing gamers what the current gen is capable of and, based on the backlash over the PC-to-console disparity, you have to believe Call of Duty will capitalize.

As soon as Modern Warfare 3, we hope Treyarch and Activision will shed a little more light on this next Call of Duty, so stay tuned to Game Rant for more news as it develops.

Do you think that Treyarch is developing their next Call of Duty for one of the previously announced consoles or one that has yet to be revealed? Would you like to see more Black Ops or a new Call of Duty offshoot?

Source: CVG