Treyarch Interested In Developing Near Future 'Call of Duty' Game

Treyarch Near Future Call of Duty

Machinima recently got a chance to interview  Treyarch Game Design Director David Vonderhaar, and they didn't put the opportunity to waste! Vonderhaar revealed that he is very excited about the possibility of making a Call of Duty set in the near-future, which would be a fresh change for those at the studio.

This is by no means an official announcement -- far from it -- but when a developer's design director likes an idea, you never knew where they will take it.

This news came about when a community member by the name of Hutch asked Vonderhaar if Treyarch would ever consider making a Call of Duty game set in the future, whether it be near or far. Vonderhaar responded with this:

"I think the answer is ‘yes.’ I think it would be kind of a unique opportunity but the way that this works out is obviously more complicated than ‘Hey. Me and Treyarch are going to make a near-future shooter.’ It’s a tough question to answer. We have not announced any new Call of Duty games at this time but to answer his specific question I think, personally, it would be pretty fantastic to do near-future, you know? Not necessarily far-future."

To make matters a little more interesting, a few months ago Activision staked a claim to the domain names for 'Call of Duty: Future Warfare', 'Advanced Warfare', 'Secret Warfare' and even 'Space Warfare.' With Activision themselves clearly interested in some sort of advanced, futuristic combat mechanic (we'll hold our breath for Space Warfare), one wonders if a future-based game hasn't been on their agenda for some time.

With Black Ops dominating gaming sales like no game has before, it makes sense that if any studio was going to work on a cutting edge, futuristic saga in the Call of Duty line, Activision would take it to Treyarch. With Infinity Ward likely still plugging away at Modern Warfare 3, and Sledgehammer Games' project still shrouded in mystery, we won't hear anything official for some time.

If you'd like to see the interview itself -- which includes a lot of interesting discussion pieces from Vanderhaar -- here's the whole shebang:


What do you think about the possibility of a Call of Duty: Future Warfare type game? Would you be excited to see what weapons and scenarios could pop out of that idea? Are you happy as long as you still get to tomahawk someone? Tell us your thoughts!

Source: Machinima

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