Double Fine's 'Trenched' Trailer Reveals Crazy Mechs vs. Aliens Action

Double Fine Reveals Trenched Is Next Game

Double Fine is at it again. Always known for innovative and often quirky titles, the studio's next big entry into the Xbox Live Marketplace is no different.

At the 2011 Game Developer's Conference, Double Fine founder Tim Schaefer revealed that the next title from his studio will be Trenched - published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Details about the game are limited - except for what can be pulled from the announcement trailer. Players will join the Mobile Trench Brigade as they fight off an invading alien force known only as the Monovision Menace. The Monovision Menace has decimated America's army, navy, and air force and the only hope left is a group that operates the "mobile trenches."

Mobile trenches are essentially mechs (if mechs existed in the 1940s). Players will take control of the mobile trenches as they fight-off the alien threat - and try to return peace to their homeland.

The recruitment trailer below, in true 1940s style, should help convince you that defending your homeland is the right thing to do:


As mentioned, not a whole lot is known about the game, but it's quite clear that customizing your mech and possibly your soldiers will be central to the gameplay.

Also featured in the trailer is footage of the monovision menace attacking navy ships and air bases. While this could just be from story cutscenes in the game, it could also imply that the game will contain an element of target protection where missions will have you defend a point of interest or building. The stationary defenses shown in the trailer would seem to support this theory.

The game's style, in traditional Double Fine fashion, is unique but fitting of the game's setting. Inspired rather obviously by World War 2 machinery and warfare technology, the mechs mirror how a 1940s author would describe a similar contraption. The Monovision Menace on the other hand are a bright and colourful contrast to the Mobile Trench Brigade's war machines.

Joining the trailer announcement are a small host of images which really showcase the look and feel of the game:

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Are you looking forward to another unique title from Double Fine or is this one you're going to pass on - after playing Costume Quest and Stacking? We're just hoping it'll be a little longer and more difficult than Stacking was - our review found Stacking was a too brief and easy.

Trenched will be bringing the fight to your doorstep exclusively through the Xbox Live Arcade with a release expected sometime this decade (we're aware that narrows it down), but likely in this year.

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