Trenched Re-Named 'Iron Brigade' & Getting Martian-Based DLC

Iron Brigade (Trenched) Rise of the Martian Bear DLC

Remember that XBLA title from Double Fine called Trenched? It no longer exists. Well it does, just under a different name. We reported that Trenched, a game you need to play (read our review), was getting a name change back in September and now it's happening worldwide with the free update.

The game is now titled Iron Brigade and what's also happening is new DLC for the game - very special DLC. Why? Because it involves bears and Mars.

We hope you're confused for all the best possible reasons so let us explain. The game went from being called "Trenched" to its new name of Iron Brigade in order to release in Europe. There was a board game already using the same title so for legal reasons it needed a change so they timed the name change with the Euro-release.

The better news is that Iron Brigade is getting new DLC titled 'Rise of the Martian Bear.' Yeap, bears on Mars, bears everywhere - this must me inspired from my favorite skit of Whitest Kids You Know:


Anyway, the story for the DLC involves the original game's big bad guy, Vlad, putting his mind into his pet bear and going to Mars to rebuild his forces. The DLC comes with four entirely new missions with a new boss fight and according to the game's director Brad Muir, its story will feature a lot of replayability and a few twists.

There's no word yet on a release date but from Muir's words in his interview with Gamespot, Double Fine will be releasing the DLC this fall. Get ready for Mars!

If you haven't already checked out Trenched/Iron Brigade, do so now. We loved it and it's available on XBLA.


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Source: Gamespot


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