No More Heroes series creator Suda51 reveals more details about his new Travis Touchdown game for the Nintendo Switch, and confirms it will not release in 2017.

The Nintendo Switch presentation on January 12th was full of odd moments, like developers presenting games dressed as “squid scientists” and Nintendo executives making endless “Switch” puns. One of the strangest moments came when Suda51, known for his work on weird, over-the-top games, came on stage to give a confusing announcement about No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown, who will apparently be appearing in a Nintendo Switch game at some point in the future.

Suda51’s announcement during Nintendo’s presentation didn’t have many details, and due to some translation hiccups, was somewhat confusing. However, Suda51 has offered more details about the future of No More Heroes and his Travis Touchdown game in an interview with 4Gamer (as translated by Gematsu). In the interview, Suda51 refused to refer to the new Travis Touchdown game as “No More Heroes 3,” but failed to provide an alternative title for the project.

For now, fans are being left in the dark about what Suda51’s next project is exactly, but they should rest assured knowing he will be fully involved in the development process. In fact, the new Travis Touchdown game on Nintendo Switch will be the first video game that Suda51 is directing in almost a decade. He will also be writing the entire script himself.

No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown Coming to Nintendo Switch - Travis Touchdown No More Heroes

Unfortunately, more details on Suda51’s Nintendo Switch project aren’t likely to come any time soon. The game is in the earliest stages of development, and Suda51 has yet to even write down the plot. It’s understandable then that Suda51’s game will be one of the few projects announced at the Nintendo Switch presentation that won’t release in 2017, and since it’s so early in development, it seems unlikely that fans will even see the first footage of the game this year.

While concrete details on the new Travis Touchdown game are likely far off, fans can speculate about what the game will entail. During its announcement, Suda51 took a moment to praise how the Nintendo Switch is beneficial to indie developers, which may indicate that the game will be on a smaller scale than some of his other titles. Perhaps this smaller scale is why Suda51 is hesitant to refer to the new game as No More Heroes 3, as his vision for that could be much more ambitious.

It’s also worth noting that Suda51 has offered conflicting statements about the future of the No More Heroes franchise in the past. He’s both expressed interest in creating a third game, and has also said that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle was the end of Travis Touchdown’s story. Suda51 seems to be uncertain himself about where he wants to take the No More Heroes franchise and Travis Touchdown in the future, but hopefully fans don’t have to wait too long for details on Grasshopper Manufacture’s new game.

A new Travis Touchdown game, possibly No More Heroes, is in development for Nintendo Switch.