'Transformers Online' To Roll Out Worldwide

Transformers War for Cybertron Multiplayer

Transformers: War for Cybertron was well-recieved and gave Transformers fans a game that they could be proud of, ascending above the stigma of the movie tie-in games. When gamers first got word about the MMO speculation started about what we would see in Transformers Online.

Hasbro has announced that the game will be releasing in multiple countries, including China and Korea. The company plans on including this ambitious project in their future plans for the franchise, which include the upcoming movie and new theme park ride. Hasbro has confirmed that gamers all across the world will be able to join in on the legendary battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Another MMO will be thrown in the fray. However, this one has a sizable following already familiar with the material. With quality gameplay and support, a Transformers MMO has loads of potential. NetDragon has been secretive about the details of the game. It would behoove them to take advantage of the success of the Transformers: War For Cyberton and implement similar game mechanics and style. Fans would love a authentic Transformers experience in a well-developed and realized MMO.

Customizing one's own Transformer to fight alongside the Optimus Prime led Autobots or the Megatron led Deceptions could be a very satisfying experience, depending on the depth of the customization. A similar allure can be found in Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online, where gamers can create heroes or villains to fight beside their favorite comic characters. The player vs. player arena could also be a high point for a Transformers MMO, along with the exploration of various planets and other settings in the Transformers universe.

Blending traditional MMO features with the Transformers franchise through innovative and creative game design could yield very good results and make fans very happy. However, using an established property to create an MMO does not necessarily guarantee success. NetDragon has a responsibility to deliver a quality experience, taking advantage of the franchise's lore to make gaming magic.

Are you interested in Transformers Online? Do you think there is potential in an MMO featuring the Transformers?

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