Transformers: Devastation Video Talks Preserving the Franchise

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E3 2015 was one of the better E3 events there’s been, with a multitude of surprise game announcements and excellent new footage of titles coming this year. Like every year, some of the E3 surprises leaked ahead of time, which included details on Transformers: Devastation, an exciting new action game from the talented people at Platinum Games.

Besides the official gameplay trailer that dropped when E3 actually got underway, we haven’t heard too much about the game since. That silence has been broken with a new behind-the-scenes look at Transformers: Devastation, courtesy of the developers at Platinum Games.

Fans of the Transformers franchise are used to playing low quality Transformers games (with the exception of the first two titles from High Moon Studios) and watching even lower quality live action films from Michael Bay, and so they may be skeptical, understandably so, of Transformers: Devastation‘s potential to succeed. However, considering the pedigree of Platinum Games and the sheer enthusiasm for Transformers that comes across in this new developer video, fans of the franchise may want to start paying attention. Check out the new developer interview right here:

The developers touch on what will make Transformers: Devastation a potential sleeper hit in this crowded gaming holiday season, and first and foremost, that’s by preserving the feel of the ’80s cartoon. Platinum is hoping to capture the look of the cartoon by applying a metallic sheen to the cel-shaded bodies of the characters, and as can be seen by the gameplay footage interspersed through the new video, they’ve done a near perfect job of replicating the look of the cartoon.

The graphics in general look pretty stellar in Transformers: Devastation. While some of the environments seem like bland, generic cities, the characters look fantastic, and the actual transforming looks better than it ever has in video game form, even better than it looked in the highly regarded High Moon’s Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

More in-depth story information is also revealed in the video. The plot revolves around the Decepticons returning to Earth in an attempt to transform it into a new Cybertron. Players will take control of various Autobots as they attempt to stop the Decepticon plot in the game’s story mode.

Cell Shaded Brawler 'Transformers: Devastation' Leaked - Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Megatron gameplay

Besides the story mode, there will also be a 50-mission challenge mode that the developers describe as “incredibly tough.” Overall, there will be five difficulty levels in the game, ranging from “Scout”, which is the easiest difficulty, to “Prime”, the hardest difficulty setting.

With proven and talented developers that are clearly Transformers fans at the helm, Transformers: Devastation stands a good shot of being one of those rare licensed games that are actually quality gaming experiences as well. The fact that it’s based on the beloved 80’s cartoon and not a movie tie-in game doesn’t hurt its chances either. We won’t have to wait long to find out if it meets our expectations, as Transformers: Devastation drops for numerous platforms in just a couple of weeks time.

Are you impressed by the latest footage of Transformers: Devastation? Will you be picking the game up when it releases in a couple of weeks? Let us know what you think of this latest Transformers game!

Transformers: Devastation will be available on October 6th for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: ActivisionGames