Transformers Dark Of The Moon Multiplayer Trailer

Movie tie-in games rarely manage to become more than shameless cash-ins based on a well-known series. While there are exceptions to this rule, more often than not, tie-in games fail to establish themselves among the many strong titles on the market.

This may be about to change with the upcoming release of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. Rather than simply reiterating the plot of the movie of the same name, Dark Of The Moon will act as a prequel to the film. Now, gamers are getting a look at one of the other highly-anticipated aspects of the upcoming title – the multiplayer portion of the game.

Developed by High Moon Studios who just last year released the well-received Transformers: War For Cybertron, things are looking up for this movie tie-in. While it may suffer from that dreaded genre label, High Moon Studios proved with War For Cybertron that they are more than capable of taking the beloved Transformers universe and turning it into a third-person shooter – while maintaining a compelling plot and entertaining gameplay.

Now, with the upcoming release of Dark Of The Moon, it looks as though they will be bringing back everything gamers loved about War For Cybertron while also adding new ways to play and refining the previous game’s strong multiplayer component.

Check out the new trailer below:


With the announcement of the newest gameplay mechanic in Dark Of The Moon, Stealth Force mode, gamers will be able to enter a new state in which they remain in vehicle mode, retaining its mobility, while also drawing on the offensive abilities of the robot form. It looks as if this will be no different in the game’s multiplayer.

Looking similar to the previous game’s multiplayer, in Dark Of The Moon, gamers will take on the role of an Autobot or Decepticon, in a squad-based environment, in order to wreck havoc on enemies. If the gameplay is indeed similar to War For Cybertron, gamers can expect some incredibly fast-paced, frantic action as they dash around the battlefield blowing up the competition.

Since the focus is on team-based combat, it is important that gamers are given a multitude of ways to approach all situations. With the ability to shift from robot mode, to vehicle, to Stealth Force, a new level of strategy will be added to the online confrontation. Whether the player chooses to take the offensive and rush in guns blazing, hang back on defense and attack from afar, or silently scout ahead, these three modes of play will allow for a lot of experimentation in combat. Even so, with the ability to switch forms on the fly, gamers are never locked into a specific role on the battlefield – and will be able to adapt as the fight “transforms.”

Transformers Game Dark Moon Screenshots Box Art

Between the chaotic third-person gameplay and multiplayer, the gorgeous screenshots, and the pre-order bonuses that are available, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is looking like it will manage to break free of the movie tie-in label Рand stand on its own as an entertaining and engaging gaming experience.

How do you feel about this look at the game’s multiplayer component? Do you think it will manage to retain everything that made War For Cybertron fun and shed the dreaded title of movie tie-in?

Transformers: Dark of The Moon races onto shelves on June 14, 2011.