First Trailer for Arcade Style Racer 'nail'd'

Nail'd Trailer and Release Date

Spelling is overrated. Why spell your game title correctly when misspelling it makes it seem like it’s edgy and cool? With Deep Silver's nail’d, the development team not only want to make a title that screams, “This game is going to be awesome,” but one that is catchy and unforgettable. For those unfamiliar with nail'd, we have your first look at the trailer.

A Hydro Thunder-esque racer, nail’d pits quad against dirt bike as they hit big air jumps and avoid outrageous obstacles less they be reduced to a heap of metal. With a fast pace and myriad shortcut options, expect to play through nail’d’s many tracks a dozen times before finally finding the their sweet spot. For those expecting a simulation style racing game, look elsewhere because nail'd is over-the-top. Check out the trailer:


When asked why they chose to create an arcade style racer rather than going with the more intense highway based racers like Need for Speed, Senior Producer John Schutts had this to say:

“The racing genre is overflowing with same-old car-based games this holiday season. nail’d delivers an arcade racing experience that brings back the fun and purity of going as fast as possible on tracks that couldn’t be ridden on in real-life. It’s great that there are realistic racing games out there, but with nail’d, we want to get back to the roots of what makes racing fun: speed, enormous jumps and insane tracks.”

For $49.99 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 or $39.99 on the PC, nail’d is the racing game that appeals even to those who say they aren’t fans of racing games. With tracks based on the “OMG Collection” of Mother Nature’s wonders, nail’d shouldn’t fall short on delivering white-knuckle racing.

What do you think of nail’d? Does its arcade style of racing appeal to your sensibilities, or are you looking for more of a simulation style racer?

nail’d takes the big air on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 30, 2010.

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