Trademark Confirms Bungie's Next Game Is Titled 'Destiny'

Trademark Confirms Bungie Destiny

Bungie's next project has been completely shrouded in secrecy since the studio signed an exclusive 10-year publishing deal with Activision over a year ago. Bungie's Lead Network Developer David Aldridge confirmed at GDC 2011 that Bungie's next game would be a massive multiplayer action game, but beyond that nothing else has been confirmed.

Earlier this year a non-salaried employee let go by Bungie revealed that he had been working on a project titled Destiny with the codename "Tiger." This name has been the only one to pop up so far and now there's even more evidence to support that Destiny is definitively the title of Bungie's next IP.

Thanks to, we now have our first official confirmation that Destiny isn't just a name tossed out by a disgruntled former employee but actually an intellectual property registered with a company owned by Bungie's President Harold Ryan and Composer Martin O'Donnell. After discovering the company, named Podophobia Entertainment, Inc., a quick search of company trademarks revealed that Podophobia has a trademark registered for Destiny. Podophobia, for those curious, is the fear of feet.

The Trademark page for Destiny reveals a logo and some very small details about what the trademark is for. Destiny is described as, "Computer game software; Computer game software downloadable from a global computer network; Video game software; Virtual reality game software." This could be our first official confirmation that this is indeed the title of Bungie's next game.

The logo may be familiar to some who saw a recent video from Penny Arcade, where a strange symbol was seen on a Bungie Employee's shirt. That symbol is exactly the one shown with the Destiny trademark. Shown below, it's obvious that this is going to be the official logo for the coming game.

Bungie Employee Rocks Destiny Logo

Trademarks filed for by Bungie were discovered earlier this year and revealed that Bungie had put in trademarks for the terms, “New Monarchy,” “Seven Seraphs,” “Osiris,” and “Dead Orbit.” Though all of these still remain a mystery, if they're connected to Destiny it's possible that they will be themes, factions, or even important characters inside the world of Destiny.

Bungie's absence from this year's E3 may be a sign of the scope of the project as even after all that time since the release of Halo: Reach, the game still isn't ready to be shown or teased to the public. With Bungie striving to be more like Blizzard and Valve, this could mean that we could be waiting "until it's ready" before we ever get a glimpse at Destiny.

How do you think that the name Destiny is going to play into Bungie's massively multiplayer action game?

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