Publishers Studio and Wired Productions team up to announce the psychological horror game The Town of Light will be available for PS4 and Xbox One this year.

In February of last year, Italian developer and publisher Studio brought forth their gripping psychological horror adventure title, The Town of Light, to PC gamers around the world. The storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and eerie graphics caught the eye of many players. Soon after, the game gained a bit of traction, and some questioned whether it would reach other platforms in the future.

Today, Luca Dalco of Studio, who serves as the art director and screenwriter of The Town of Light, announced that the game will be available for PlayStation 4 this year. In a post on the PlayStation Blog website, Dalco stated that the studio is “incredibly excited to to be bringing [its] first video game” to the PlayStation 4. A synoptic overview of The Town of Light was given, highlighting the game’s inspiration, characters, and intensity.

“Inspired by true events, The Town of Light finds its setting at the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, Tuscany, Italy. In operation for close to a century, the asylum closed in the late 1970s following a law passed by the Italian government,” Dalco said. “The Town of Light delves into a number of delicate themes through the eyes of protagonist Renee, a resident of the institution.” While the story and aforementioned themes may not be suitable for players of all ages, it seems those wanting an all-out horror adventure game will be pleased with The Town of Light.

Dalco went on to say that by “utilizing the strengths of the PS4 and now the Pro hardware, the console version of the game will include a number of enhanced features [to] make The Town of Light a more immersive experience.” Such feature upgrades will include new visual effects, stories, and miscellaneous in-game elements to boost player experience.

Following this announcement came yet another one: The Town of Light will also be available for Microsoft‘s Xbox One. Game publisher Wired Productions has paired up with the Italian Studio to bring the game to the Xbox One as well as the PlayStation 4. The news broke in a blog post on Wired Productions’ website, which stated that the company is “very excited to be publishing The Town of Light and have a lot more to share in the coming weeks.” People have already begun speculating that the additional news will include a set release date.

Along with the news that The Town of Light will hit the Sony PS4 console and Xbox One in the very near future was a new trailer for the Studio game. Entitled “Accolades,” the trailer gives players additional insight into the game’s beautiful artistic design and spooky asylum environment. Also seen in the trailer are the promising pull-quotes from game critics, who have great things to say about the game.

Though The Town of Light can be seen by some as a relatively under-the-radar game, it appears that the buzz surrounding the title might be enough to launch it into horror game greatness. It may very well become one of the best horror games released in recent years. For now, players can add The Town of Light to their likely long list of horror games they’re eager to play in 2017.

The Town of Light was released for Microsoft Windows operating systems on February 26, 2016. The game is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in quarter 2 of 2017.