Addictive Archery Title ‘Towerfall Ascension’ Coming to PlayStation 4

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Few titles can inspire a four-player frenzy quite like Goldeneye, or Nintendo’s own Super Smash Bros. series. Indie developer Matt Thorson evidently agrees, naming both as major influences behind his latest effort, a reworking of an earlier Ouya hit, named Towerfall Ascension.

Soon to debut on Sony’s 8th generation behemoth, the PlayStation 4, Thorson’s 16-bit title takes the anarchic mayhem of these stellar retro outings and throws in a whole quiver-load of arrows. Add to that a healthy dose of strategic ammo conversation, and you have yourself a party title with the whits to match its weaponry.

Towerfall‘s Multiplayer gameplay – the title’s major focus – takes place on large Spelunky-like maps, with players attempting to stick the opposition while simultaneously stocking up on items. Treasure chests strewn across the battlefield feature everything from high-powered arrows to wings and shields, though their placement makes for decidedly deadly bottlenecks and excellent traps.

Helping players to track down their fleeing foes, every arrow in the game exhibits a minor homing ability, tracking and tacking towards the opposition at all times. Missed shots remain planted where they land, allowing skilled archers to retrieve wayward efforts and return them to sender. Players who find themselves in a bind can also make use of a dodge mechanic, one that quickly sidesteps a threat, but leaves the user temporarily vulnerable to attack. High-level players will be also be able to combine these two moves, snatching shots out of the air while dodging the opposition.

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Like many multiplayer-enabled titles, the game is intended to create memorable and madcap moments amongst friends. In Thorson’s own words, the game is “best played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other.” To that end, Thorson has also included a final-death kill-cam, exhibiting the skills of the victorious party while shaming their friends.

Despite its obvious focus on network play, the vanilla edition of Towerfall did feature a single-player contingent — a time attack, target hitting mode in the vein of Super Smash Bros. own’ ‘Break the Targets’ mode. Thorson is expanding upon this for the game’s PC and PlayStation debut however, adding in a quest mode (read – swarm/ defense) for one or two players. Additional Ascension features will also include a range of new multiplayer stages, weapons and characters.

The fact that Towerfall Ascension was considered among the must-play Ouya titles, may not count for much with gamers who’ve already written off the microconsole, though it should indicate, at the very least, that the game works, and works well.

Are you excited to play Towerfall Ascension? Can an indie title ever be considered a major player or a killer app? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest PlayStation 4 news, right here on Game Rant.


Towerfall Ascension is slated to arrive sometime in 2014, for Steam, PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. The regular edition of the game is now available for the Ouya console, with additional, free content set to arrive 3 months after Ascension debuts.

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