10 Toughest Dungeon Bosses In Remnant From The Ashes And How To Beat Them

In Remnant From The Ashes the player is tasked with taking down the nightmarish Root by traveling to different realms to learn about their origins and how to defeat them once and for all. Along the way players will want to obtain powerful items to help them in their quest.

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Unfortunately, many of these items are in the possession of horrific monsters located in dungeons. They present some of the toughest challenges the player will face and will require lots of skill and strong weapons to bring them down.

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10 Scourge

The Scourge isn’t all that tough compared to other dungeon bosses, his attacks don’t deal absurd amounts of damage and they’re relatively easy to avoid. The reason Scourge makes the list is because his deep health pool makes this a battle of endurance.

Take a weapon that can do the most damage per hit as each hit will spawn hives which gets really annoying. Use the structure in the middle to avoid attacks, but keep in mind it can still hit you through the structure. Dive into the tunnel or lure it in there to minimize the amount of hives that hit you and keep at it, it'll go down eventually.

9 The Mangler

Phase one of this fight isn’t terribly difficult as The Mangler will be small and rather docile. Dodge its roll attacks and when it burrows underground take down its adds quickly before it digs itself out. Where you need to watch out is phase two when it gets bigger and much more aggressive.

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At 50% health it will grow and start engaging in melee so keep on your toes and dodge the attacks. Another thing to keep in mind is that this boss sometimes gets the Enchanter affix which will cause explosions around the arena so have some Oilskin Tonic to mitigate this.

8 Raze

If the Raze was by itself it wouldn’t be too hard of a boss to take down, just a little annoying as it zips around the room. The problem is that every time it screams it summons a swarm of flying ads to attack you.

When it starts screaming start pumping rounds into its core, but as the ads start coming in prioritize them. Be wary of its fire attack as it will deal a ton of damage and cause burn, so have some Hydro Coolant on hand in case you don’t always dodge it.

7 Ancient Construct

This hulking mass of metal deals a ton of damage and has a variety of attacks that can trip you up and cause problems. Most of the fight is a matter of dodging its spear strikes and underhanded attacks.

When it gets complicated is when it starts summoning automated turrets that can chip away at your health, dispatch these quickly but don’t get too distracted or you’ll catch the business end of the Construct’s spear. Also be wary of the radiation projectile if you fight from a distance, having some Heavy Water Elixer on hand is helpful if you catch an orb or two.

6 Stormcaller

This foe is a bit one-note with the lightning, but honestly it works so who can blame it. Lightning Strikes will flash down from the sky and lightning orbs will chase you around the room.

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Keep moving and peppering the Stormcaller with bullets any chance you can. You stay put for too long and you’ll be a sizzling pile of ashes from all the lightning strikes. You’ll also want to give yourself a few extra seconds to shoot down the orbs when they appear. You definitely don’t want to get hit by them.

5 The Warden

This can be a tough fight if you don’t maintain crowd control or react quickly enough to what The Warden is doing. He’ll fight you with a lance which can be dodged easily enough. Where things get tricky is when he sets a lance with a bell on the floor.

This will summon a bunch of ads that can quickly add up to swarm you. If you can destroy the bell just as he places them it will crack his armor and allow you to deal a ton of damage. If you don’t be prepared to fall back to a defensible spot and take out the ads.

4 Shatter And Shade

These twin constructs will fight you at the same time and can pose a serious problem if you don’t stay frosty. Shade is a ranged fighter and will shoot projectiles at you with its staff or conjure a massive ball of radiation. Shatter is a melee fighter who can charge, lunge with it’s lance or cause an AOE explosion.

Prioritize Shade while keeping Shatter at bay. After one of them receives enough damage they’ll join forces to create a force field, shoot radioactive balls around the room and enemies start flooding out of the walls. Dispatch the new guys before turning your attention back to the twins. Once one is down your job becomes a lot easier.

3 Blink Thief

This boss is more annoying than it is dangerous, but that makes it all the more difficult to fight. When you enter the Furgotten Undercroft he’ll appear, steal the powerful Ricochet Rifle, and run off. You have less than a minute to take him down and he’ll use teleportation to traverse the area while flinging javelins at you.

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You can only damage him between blinks and you only have a few seconds in each area to take him down before he vanishes with the weapon forever. There are ads that will harass you, but unlike the other boss fights you want to completely ignore them and focus all your attention on the Boss.

2 Canker

Honestly, the Canker can be the most difficult boss for some players, it all depends on you and your playstyle. The Canker is a timed boss fight as the room is filling with water. He casts a sound wave that causes a wave of water to crash into you and knock you over, stay on the sides to avoid it.

His other attack is to run across the room dropping corrosive bombs, they’re easy enough to avoid in the beginning, but as the water rises they become invisible so keep that in mind.

1 Onslaught

Arguably the toughest boss for players is the Onslaught. He is quick on his feet and deals a lot of damage if his melee strikes get you.

What makes him tough is his Blink ability that allows him to quickly teleport across the room to either flank you or surprise you with a frontal assault. It can be hard to keep tabs on this beast, so your head needs to be on a swivel. Don’t panic when he blinks away or if he suddenly appears out of nowhere lunging towards you, stay focused, keep firing, and you'll take him down.

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