Creative Assembly releases a cinematic trailer for the forthcoming Total War: Warhammer, featuring the fearsome Orc Warboss known as Grimgor Ironhide.

According to a preface at the beginning of today’s newly released video for Total War: Warhammer, the footage highlighting the Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide has been taken from an “in-game engine”, which means that it’s still being worked on, but even so, the textures and visuals look pretty wonderful thus far. And while the cinematic trailer has revealed Ironhide as one of Total War: Warhammer‘s characters, the video was truly created to show off the game’s sumptuous vistas with a flythrough of the game’s snowy mountain ranges, soil-rich valleys, and wooded forests and plains that players can protect or conquer.

Since Creative Assembly—the dev team behind Alien: Isolationhas officially qualified the trailer below as an “in-game cinematic”, it’s important to explain exactly what that entails, so that fans don’t get the wrong idea and go on to buy the game under false pretenses. Regarding the matter, the studio wrote:

“The video uses Development in Progress in-game assets and code as a basis for a video shot with cinematic camera techniques to create movie-like footage. This is representative of the themes and general look and feel of the game, but it is not the direct in-game experience you will get when you are physically playing the final game.”

Although it’s unlikely for most fans to have presumed that the above footage would have been indicative of the actual gameplay, from the perspective of Creative Assembly, it’s better safe than sorry. Nevertheless, the cinematic trailer is definitely impressive, and provides gamers with a decent idea of the kind of action that can be expected once the title releases.

Save for today’s trailer, it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Total War: Warhammer. The turn-based strategy game was initially shown to the public via a tease from Creative Assembly at the end of a 15-year-anniversary video for the Total War franchise near the beginning of this year, and was later featured in a cinematic reveal trailer back in April.

Taking the above video built around the Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide into account, as well as the developer’s outstanding Battle of Black Fire Pass gameplay trailer that hit the Web a few months ago, it seems as if Total War: Warhammer is certainly on the right track. Of course, with a series as popular and long-running as Total War, Creative Assembly is making sure to take its time crafting the game’s world in order to live up to fans’ expectations.

Total War: Warhammer is set to release on April 28, 2016 for Linux, Mac, and PC.

Source: Total War – YouTube