Total War: Warhammer is going live this week. In fact, as early as May 24, Midnight Pacific time. If you’re a big fan of the series you may have already pre-loaded – in which case this post is moot for you to read, since we’re listing deals for a game you’ve already purchased ūüėČ

For everyone else on the sidelines still mulling Total War: Warhammer, retailers are offering pre-order discount incentives to pique your interest. Note that until May 24th at 10AM Pacific, you will still be able to pre-order and receive the pre-order bonus DLC pack of the Chaos Warrior Race Pack along with the discounts below.

Note: All deals listed above are Steam key.

These discounts are valid while Total War: Warhammer is a pre-order. Once the game releases, the discounts may or may not still be there. That said, we are fairly certain the 20% off coupon at Green Man Gaming will still be valid post release, as the coupon does not expire for some time yet. If the other two deals end, GMG may be a good place to turn tomorrow.

Chaos Warriors Race Pack


During pre-order and release week phase, any purchase at the retailers listed above will grant you free access to the Chaos Warriors Race Pack DLC for free (after release week, the freebie goes away and will cost you money to purchase).

The pack includes a full new race with its own Legendary Lords, units, mounts, items, quest chains and even additional mechanics to Total War: Warhammer. Full details on the Steam app page here.

If you are planing to play anywhere close to release week, there really isn’t any reason¬†not to take advantage of the Total War: Warhammer deals listed above.