Creative Assembly Teases 'Total War: Warhammer'

Total War Shogun


It's been 15 years since gamers first got their hands on Shogun: Total War. In the decade and a half since, developer Creative Assembly has managed to carve out a significant spot on the PC  strategy landscape with a bevy of additional Total War titles, including last month's Total War: Attila. Creative Assembly put together the above video celebrating the franchise's history that gives a quick run down of every title in the series. 

But it's what's at the end of the video that has caught the attention of long-time series fans. Total War has always placed importance on remaining true to the real world historical time periods its games are set in. Which is what makes that loud, monstrous sounding growl at the end of the video seem so out of place for the franchise. That definitely sounds like something that is not of this world.

It was previously but not officially revealed that Creative Assembly might be working on a new Total War game set in the Warhammer universe. The information was found in a book called "The Art of Total War", in which series creative director Mike Simpson briefly name-dropped the popular fantasy franchise.

And so that roar in the 15-year-anniversary video is all the official confirmation Total War fans need to start getting excited about an upcoming Total War: Warhammer game. Official word direct from Creative Assembly may be coming soon, as the developer said in a press release that accompanied the video that they will be present at the Eurogamer Rezzed Expo in London this week. Sounds like fans could be getting the first footage or at least concept art for the game quite soon.

Total War Shogun

It's also worth noting that the anniversary video showed two other games that will be releasing in 2015. Total War Battles: Kingdoms will release on tablets and Total War: Arena is a PC game built around 10v10 team strategy.

Other interesting facts in the press release include that players have collectively waged 4.8 billion battles over the course of the franchise's 15 year history, and that more than a million people are actively playing at least one game in the series every month.

The last few Total War games may have had lower review scores, but as long as the Warhammer game remains true to Total War's overall feel while incorporating the look of a different IP, chances are Total War: Warhammer will be received with open arms by franchise fanatics. Creative Assembly also already demonstrated it's capable of making a decent game out of someone else's IP with last year's release of Alien: Isolation, so here's hoping that this still not quite officially announced game does justice to both long running franchises.

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