A recent leak for Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer reveals the content of the first new set of DLC for the strategy title, with The Beastmen apparently inbound.

In the eyes of many, Total War: Warhammer is the must-have strategy game of the year so far. Developer Creative Assembly managed to combine the effective tactical gameplay of its Total War series with the beloved fantasy world of Warhammer to create what may well be the best Total War game to date. Now, a recent leak has revealed a snippet of what’s to come in the form of DLC.

It turns out that The Beastmen are going to be the next army to join the Total War: Warhammer roster – at least according to a leaked trailer. The official Total War: Warhammer YouTube channel had a new trailer uploaded as unlisted rather than private, and some savvy fans were able to find the elusive video before it went live. The channel has now put the video public, so it’s now official that The Beastmen are coming.

According to the trailer, this set of downloadable content is going to be named Call of The Beastmen, and is due to release on July 28. Although that’s only a few weeks away, fans of Total War: Warhammer will apparently get a closer look at the game in action as soon as July 19, as a gameplay reveal is set to hit on that date. Those interested in finding out more can head over to the DLC’s Steam page.

The video itself does not reveal much by way of content. However, it is accompanied by a brief statement, which describes how “ten thousand hooves stamp in agitated union, and a foetid musk arises from the sea of matted fur.” Stating that “the Call of The Beastmen will be heard across The Old World,” it certainly seems like an ominous omen for the rest of the denizens of the Warhammer universe.

Some fans of the game may have suspected that news surrounding The Beastmen was incoming, given a number of less-than-cryptic tweets courtesy of the Creative Assembly Twitter account, but nonetheless confirmation is certainly appreciated. Many fans of the tabletop game will now be left wondering exactly which army is set to arrive next, with none of the Elven races making an appearance in the Sega-published game thus far.

The introduction of new armies and empires into Total War: Warhammer was certainly high on the wanted list for a number of players. After all, although the treatment of the current playable armies was done with the highest possible care, players of the original Warhammer may have felt a little snubbed if their army of choice was not included in the original roster. Hopefully, there will be plenty of content still to come for Total War: Warhammer.

Total War: Warhammer is out now for PC.

Source: YouTube, Steam