First Gameplay Footage of Total War: Warhammer Shows The Battle of Black Fire Pass

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It’s no secret that fans of turn-based strategy games often consider the Total War series to be one of the best in the genre due to its historical immersion in different time periods by allowing players to command massive armies with calculated tactical warfare. Having said that, there have also been many entries in the franchise to play it fast and loose with the facts concerning past events, while managing to maintain a semblance of the actual world in which the title is based. Bearing that in mind, the game’s realism aspects are going to get a heavy dose of fantasy with the upcoming Total War: Warhammer.

So far, fans of franchise have only gotten glimpses of the latest installment with a tease during a 15-year-anniversary video a few months back, and more recently with a showing of the forthcoming turn-based strategy game’s beautiful, albeit unenlightening cinematic reveal trailer. Quite honestly, neither of the videos really gave gamers a good idea as to what kind of action they should expect once the title becomes available to play. Thankfully, the fine folks over at Creative Assembly have now released the first official gameplay footage for Total War: Warhammer which shows off The Battle of Black Fire Pass.

According to Creative Assembly, the trailer displays recordings of the title’s in-game engine, but the developer also makes sure to include the fact that Total War: Warhammer is still a work in progress, so what we see has the potential to change vastly between now and its release. More specifically, as the walkthrough’s narrator makes us aware, the video is a scripted battle taken from the pre-game alpha code which pits Emperor Karl Franz’s Empire army against a Greenskin horde led by Orc Warboss Grimgor Ironhide.

First gameplay footage of Total War- Warhammer shows The Battle of Black Fire Pass

While the trailer displays impressive, hand-crafted animations and visuals along with neat gameplay mechanics, it’s worth noting that a lot of the units and features the Empire’s artillery corps, the Greenskin’s giant troll, and all of the spells in particular are late-game attributes to be unlocked as players progress, so they won’t be available at the beginning. However, today’s Total War: Warhammer video is simply scratching the surface as far as everything Creative Assembly hopes to offer once gamers get their hands on a copy, so there ought to be even more goodies brought to light once the fantasy title’s official release date draws nearer.

At any rate, with Creative Assembly’s track record being rather consistent Total War: Rome 2 and Alien: Isolation weren’t half-bad – fans of the popular turn-based strategy franchise should be pleasantly surprised once Total War: Warhammer goes on sale.

Total War: Warhammer has no release date as of yet, but it’s being developed for Mac and PC.

Source: YouTube (via VG 24/7)