Total War: Three Kingdoms Reveal Trailer Shows China Setting


Almost a year ago, Sega and Creative Assembly revealed that the next historical Total War game was in full development, but no one knew exactly when the companies would go on to unveil the fruits of their labor. Now, the publisher and developer have officially revealed the next entry in the strategy game franchise with an announce trailer that confirms the game's setting of China during the Han Dynasty.

Dubbed Total War: Three Kingdoms, the forthcoming game from Sega and Creative and Assembly visits ancient China for the first time in series history, and is due out sometime in Autumn later this year for PC, as fans can add it to their Steam wishlist now. Unfortunately for console fans, the publisher and developer have yet to confirm whether or not it will be launched for other platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set in a 190CE China in turmoil wherein Dong Zhuo's oppressive regime is getting stronger thanks to the tyrant's deft manipulation of the nation's child-emperor to do his bidding. Eventually, three heroes will swear allegiance to one another and will rise up with the support of warlords from the great families of the country's ancient era, banding together to challenge his rule.

Back in November, Creative Assembly discussed the direction of its historical games and teased sparse details regarding what would become series spin-off Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia, Total War: Rome 2's Empire Divided DLC, and a then nameless "brand new era." Now, with the cat out of the bag and Three Empires on track for launch later in 2018, it looks as if Total War devotees and turn-based strategy diehards will have plenty to keep them busy this year.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is currently scheduled for release sometime in fall 2018 for PC.

Source: Total War – YouTube

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