The fourth and final character class for Torchlight 2 has just been announced along with a very affordable price point. For $20, players will gain access to tons upon tons of loot, new dungeons, and four unique character classes — which include the Engineer, the Outlander, the Berserker, and the newly announced Embermage.

With the Engineer fulfilling the melee category, the Outlander delivering ranged combat, and the Berserker using a combination of animal and quick attacks, it came be assumed that the Embermage is your strictly magic-based class in Torchlight 2, probably with a proclivity for burning things.

Aside from the Embermage and price point announcement Runic Games is still keeping things relatively quiet, although they are giving hands-on demos during Pax Prime this weekend. Whether or not the Embermage will be playable, and if gamers will be able to pin down which of the four classes resembles their favorite from Torchlight 1 (the original classes are only returning in NPC form), is unclear, but we are extremely excited to finally play Torchlight 2 later this year.

With a new, and very affordable price tag, Torchlight 2 is the perfect way to tide yourself over before the equally loot-centric Diablo III hits the PC market. There’s plenty of new features to separate this iteration from its predecessor, and now with four classes to choose from, Torchlight is moving closer and closer to being a serious competitor to Blizzard’s dungeon crawler.

Unfortunately a console copy of Torchlight 2 is far less set in stone than the PC and Mac versions. While the first game enjoyed success on Xbox Live, as part of the Xbox House Party, Torchlight 2 is far too large to be shipped digitally to gamers. Yes, a retail release is being considered by Runic, but their priority is first and foremost on getting the PC version finished and shipped, and then moving onto the Mac port.

Which of the four Torchlight 2 classes are you the most looking forward to playing as? With Diablo III’s console version still up in the air do you think Torchlight could be the definitive console dungeon crawler?

Torchlight 2 should be released for the PC before the year is up.

Source: Joystiq