A very devoted Pokemon GO fan has spared players the effort of trying to figure out which Pokemon are the best in Pokemon GO by making a spreadsheet of all the stats of all the Pokemon in the game. Since Pokemon GO players are too busy catching ’em all to make sense of this very detailed spreadsheet, here is a summary of the most powerful Pokemon of each type:

  1. Bug type: Buzzwole
  2. Ghost type: Lunala
  3. Poison type: Nihilego
  4. Electric type: Zekrom
  5. Ground type: Groudon
  6. Rock type: Rhyperior
  7. Grass type: Kartana
  8. Flying type: Ho-Oh
  9. Ice type: Kyurem
  10. Fairy type: Xerneas
  11. Fire type: Reshiram
  12. Fighting type: Buzzwole
  13. Normal type: Slaking
  14. Steel type: Solgaleo
  15. Dragon type: Giratina
  16. Dark type: Tyranitar
  17. Water type: Kyogre
  18. Psychic type: Lunala

The stats were determined by pairing up each Pokemon against a target dummy Pokemon with 150 attack, 200 stamina, and 200 defense. As well, type effectiveness was disabled, and the weather bonus was set to “extreme” along with the dodge settings being set to “none.” The stats gained from these pairings are categorized into Bulk (the Pokemon’s ability to function effectively as a tank), TDO% (Total Damage Output), DPS% (Damage Per Second), Total Effectiveness (a combination of TDO% and DPS%), and Raid Score (a combination of Bulk, TDO% and DPS%).

The stat that ultimately determines the rank of the Pokemon is the CP, which means that the Pokemon with the highest CP ranked as the top Pokemon in their respective type categories. However, each Pokemon trainer might consider different stats as more important, so for players who are seasoned Raiders, for example, the Raid Score stat might determine the most powerful Pokemon for them.

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With that being said, unfortunately but not surprisingly, most of the top Pokemon are Legendary Pokemon or Ultra Beast Pokemon and are therefore somewhat difficult to find for some Pokemon GO players. Nevertheless, this spreadsheet is very impressive and certainly very useful for die-hard Pokemon GO, offering stats that are beyond the reach of the in-game Pokedex.

The creator of the spreadsheet has freely given everyone access to the document, which also summarizes the species data and ranks each move. Pokemon GO players can view the full spreadsheet with all the stats here.

Pokemon GO is currently available on Android and iOS.

Source: The Silphroad