5 Xbox Characters That Should Appear in Killer Instinct

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Fighting games have started a trend of implementing guest characters into their roster. Super Smash Bros., for example, was based on that very premise and has continued to excel throughout the years as a result. Meanwhile, other fighting game titles like Mortal Kombat have begun introducing guest characters such as horror movie icons Jason Vorhees and Predator. There doesn’t appear to be any end to this trend either, as Microsoft has announced that Rash from Battletoads will be joining the roster of Killer Instinct.

While the announcement may have initially seemed like a one-off to get fans excited for Rare Replay, comments from the General Manager of Microsoft Studios, Shannon Loftis, claim that “Season 3 will feature guest characters.” That’s right, “characters” – as in more than one. This could have just been a slip of the tongue by the GM, but it got our minds racing at the possibility of other Xbox-centric guest fighters that could appear in Killer Instinct.

With a focus purely on Xbox properties, we’ve put together a list of 5 Microsoft-owned characters we’d like to see square off with the likes of Jago and Sabrewulf, although it’s safe to say that there are a number of other strong choices we left out. And so, without any further ado, let’s take a look at our choices for additional Killer Instinct guest characters.

Master Chief (Halo)

Killer Instinct Master Chief

Let’s get the most obvious candidate out of the way first. Master Chief is the poster boy for Microsoft and its Xbox console, and rightfully so. The Halo franchise has sold incredibly well for the company since its creation, garnering an immense fan base and generating billions in the process. It’s for this reason that John-117 seems like an all too obvious choice as a playable character in Killer Instinct.

While the fate of the longstanding protagonist is still unknown leading up to the release of Halo 5: Guardians, he’s easily the most iconic mascot at the company’s disposal. Besides, is it just us or does Glacius look kind of like an ice-covered Covenant Elite? It could just be us.

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