The 5 Most Exciting Games of Summer 2015

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For many, the summertime is a spectacular few months, bringing with it relaxation, vacations, and plenty of outdoor fun. While gamers certainly enjoy those aspects of summer, traditionally, the summer marks a drought of high quality video game software new releases.

This makes summer a good time to chip away at one’s backlog, but that doesn’t mean that the summer season is completely devoid of major game releases. In fact, one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time, The Last of Us, was a summer game.

Still, the summer gaming drought means that even though there are high quality releases sometimes available, they are few and far between. These 5 games represent the most exciting games coming out this summer, but most of them are coming out at the tail-end of the summer season (June 21 – September 22).

5. Godzilla (July 14th)

The vast majority of licensed games turn out to be duds, but Godzilla, coming to PS3 and PS4, has far more potential than most. Created as a love letter of sorts to fans of the kaiju genre, the game features multiple modes and the most iconic beasts from the history of Godzilla. PS4 owners in particular should keep an eye on this one, as the PS4 version of the game features an exclusive online multiplayer component not found in the PS3 version.


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