Top Five GBA Games Nintendo Should Bring to the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced plans to drop the $249.99 price tag on the Nintendo 3DS to a much more affordable $169.99. Those who went out and purchased the 3DS on day one have probably been feeling a mild amount of buyer’s remorse thus far, and with news of an $80 price drop hitting less than five months after the handheld’s launch, some early adopters were probably feeling a bit betrayed.

Nintendo knew this and that’s why they’ve announced plans to give those who have already jumped on the 3DS bandwagon a small gift in the form of 20 free games.

The 20 game peace offering is called the ‘Nintendo Ambassador’ program, and it will give 3DS owners — who have accessed the eShop — 10 NES games and 10 Game Boy Advance games free of charge. Sure, the NES games are all instantly recognizable classics, and some will even feature multiplayer, but it’s the GBA titles that are getting the most attention. Nintendo took the liberty of announcing half of the free games that will be available this past week, and two more games just today. The List is pretty solid and it includes: Metroid Fusion, Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart Super Circuit, WarioWare Inc.: Microgame$, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, and Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.

Since Nintendo conveniently forgot to announce the other three games, we’ve taken the liberty of filling out a list of the five Game Boy Advance games, any of which we’d love to see Nintendo include in its Nintendo Ambassador program — or just made available on the Virtual Console for free. There are quite a few phenomenal games that appeared on the now obsolete handheld, but we’ve managed to sift through all of them to deliver our top five GBA games that should appear on the Nintendo 3DS.

Game and Watch Gallery 4 3DS Virtual Console

Game and Watch Gallery 4 could very well be the most controversial game on this list, but it absolutely deserves a spot as number five. The original Game and Watch Gallery just recently became available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, and it has already consumed several hours of my life. The game itself features a variety of mini-games that originated from Nintendo’s pre-Game Boy Game and Watch handhelds, but they’ve received a significant graphical upgrade — plus Mario and Co. have gotten in on the madness.

The fourth Game and Watch Gallery features a total of 20 games when everything has been unlocked, and that makes for an extremely meaty title. Most of the games in the GWG4 are ridiculously addictive, and the sheer challenge that the game creates makes every title in the series hard to put down. If all of that isn’t enough then Nintendo fans will be delighted to know that The Legend of Zelda‘s very own Link makes a playable cameo as Game and Watch Gallery 4‘s final unlock.

Super Mario World on the 3DS Virtual Console

Nintendo is a big fan of revamps and re-releases, and that trend has carried over to the Nintendo 3DS with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D. That’s why it only makes sense that Nintendo should re-release a re-release in the form of Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. Many believe that Super Mario World is one of the best Mario titles ever made, and the awesomeness of the game certainly doesn’t lessen when it’s thrown on one of Nintendo’s handhelds.

Super Mario World was one of the best games Nintendo ever released — period. The gameplay is enjoyable, there is a solid amount of content, and last (but certainly not least) it’s a classic Super Mario game, and we all know that only heartless ne’er-do-wells wouldn’t enjoy a free copy for their 3DS. Having the option to once again carry the classic title around in your pocket sounds like an absolutely stellar idea, and the sooner it happens the better.

What are you waiting for? Go on and check out the last three Game Boy Advance games we suggest Nintendo should give to 3DS owners…

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