10 Greatest E3 Moments

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For 20 years, E3 has offered the biggest surprises and most shocking moments for gamers. As a gamer, it’s nigh impossible not to be excited about E3. Each year brings with it stunning trailers, news on games that we didn’t even know existed, and major moves by the biggest players in the industry.

This year’s E3 may just be the biggest one yet. Not only are the usual E3 exhibitors going to be present, such as EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, but newcomers such as Bethesda and PC Gamer will be hosting press conferences as well. Rumors are already flying about what we’ll see at E3, including rumblings of the highly anticipated Fallout 4.

This year’s E3 event will take place from June 16th to June 18th, but before E3 2015 comes around, it’s time to look back at the moments that have defined E3 throughout its history. These 10 moments helped to elevate E3 and cement its status of being gaming’s premiere annual event. Without further ado, here are the 10 greatest E3 moments in history.

10. Kevin Butler’s Epic Speech (E3 2010)

While a little on the corny side, no one can fault Sony’s fictional executive Kevin Butler for his enthusiasm. Originally just appearing in television commercials hawking various PS3 related products, Butler came to life at E3 2010, bringing with him something that most E3 presenters tend to lack, such as charisma and a genuine sense of humor. Even though he took some playful jabs at the competition, the point of Butler’s speech was one of unity.

Unfortunately, Kevin (real name Jerry Lambert) and Sony have since had a falling out, but his surprise appearance at E3 2010 will live on, not only because of how amusing it is, but because it actually managed to make the PlayStation Move interesting for five minutes.

9. Final Fantasy on Xbox (E3 2008)

10 Greatest E3 Moments - Final Fantasy XIII

Each year, it’s interesting to see who spent the big bucks to persuade third party developers and publishers to promote their particular console. In 2008, Microsoft was able to woo Square Enix to do something they hadn’t done since Final Fantasy VI: release a main series Final Fantasy game on a non-PlayStation console.

Even though the final product left fans wanting, at the time the announcement that Final Fantasy XIII was coming to Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3 left the gaming world absolutely stunned. It was a major blow to Sony at a time when the PS3 was already struggling to make sales, and Final Fantasy XIII was yet another sequel lost to the competition.


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