Believe it or not, celebrities are people, too! They walk like us, talk like us, and even play games like us.

While gaming is an extremely common hobby, especially nowadays, it’s still neat to learn about celebrities that play games in their free time. Out of all the celebrities that have openly discussed their love of gaming, these 10 are by far the most surprising.

Henry Cavill

Gaming Celebrities - Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill has risen to fame in recent years thanks to his role as Superman in the DC Cinematic Universe, but his obsession with video games actually nearly cost him the role in Man of Steel. He was in the midst of playing World of Warcraft when he received the call from director Zack Snyder offering him the part, but decided to ignore it and keep going.

Besides World of Warcraft, Cavill has also expressed his love of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Maybe he’ll even have a chance to appear in a video game himself if the rumored Superman solo video game ever materializes.

Jessica Alba

Gaming Celebrities - Jessica Alba

While Jessica Alba is more into the casual gaming scene, she’s a gamer nonetheless, and spent her childhood with classics such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. In more recent times, she’s been drawn to fitness games on the Wii and Brain Age on the Nintendo DS, and even bought all of her fellow cast members on the set of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer a DS after filming wrapped.

Matthew Perry

Celebrity Gamers - Matthew Perry

There are Fallout fans, and then there is Matthew Perry. The sitcom star takes playing Fallout to a whole other level. As he explained to the ladies of The View, he once played Fallout 3 so much that he developed carpal tunnel syndrome! Talk about dedication. Before he jumps into the 400 hours of gameplay in Fallout 4, perhaps Perry should consult a doctor.

Megan Fox

Celebrity Gamers - Megan Fox

Love her or hate her, Megan Fox is a bona fide gamer. While she hasn’t really discussed her gaming habits lately, previously she mentioned playing a lot of Halo: Reach online, and even admitted to being made fun of online for being a girl. Just think, at any given moment when gaming online, the person behind the GamerTag could be famous.

Mila Kunis

Celebrity Gamers - Mila Kunis

Like Henry Cavill, the game of choice for Mila Kunis is Blizzard’s addictive MMORPG, World of Warcraft; the That 70’s Show star has discussed her deep knowledge of the game on various talk shows and radio interviews over the years. Unfortunately for those that hope to bump into Mila Kunis online, at last word she had stopped playing the game, undoubtedly contributing to World of Warcraft‘s dwindling number of subscribers.

Robin Williams

The late, great Robin Williams loved gaming so much that he actually named his daughter after Princess Zelda. Many years later, he appeared alongside his daughter in ads for Ocarina of Time 3D, and considered The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to be the best game ever made.

Besides Zelda, Robin Williams also enjoyed Call of DutyPortal, and Warcraft. In honor of Robin Williams and his love of gaming, Blizzard immortalized him in World of Warcraft with various homages and references to Williams and his epic career.

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