Most gamers have a favorite character from video games. For some, it’s the ever independent Master Chief from the Halo series, or the brave Link from the Zelda games. These characters bring to mind strength, valor, and honor.

Then there are those characters that annoy and frustrate gamers, sometimes to the point of avoiding a particular title. Occasionally, developers introduce these annoying characters intentionally as a way to add comic relief to a game. Other times, a character may become annoying, even if they weren’t intended to be.

Below is a list of the top 10 characters that have annoyed us, and most gamers, throughout our gaming lives.

The Dog – Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt Dog Laughing

Any gamer old enough to have played on the NES will know exactly which dog this is. For those who don’t know, in the game Duck Hunt, players were tasked with shooting down ducks and clay pigeons with a physical toy gun that plugged into the Nintendo system. If players didn’t shoot the required number of targets for the level, the hunting dog would pop up on screen and laugh at the player for their failings.

Gamers were already disappointed with their performance, but apparently Nintendo felt they needed to provide a little more embarrassment for the player via the canine’s snickering. And unfortunately, there was no escaping the dog’s laugh. Players just had to deal with the annoyance and try better next time.

Jason Brody – Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Jason Brody

Far Cry 3‘s Jason Brody is annoying mostly because of his terrible sense of humor and random emotional outbursts. Many gamers became annoyed at Jason’s spoiled rich kid nature, which unfortunately put a damper on the otherwise amazing game.

Even though he was annoying, many gamers felt Jason was a fairly realistic character. That didn’t stop him from annoying players to the point of frustration. Thankfully, it seems developer Ubisoft learned from their mistake and made sure to write better (if still crazy) characters for Far Cry 4.

Roman Bellic – Grand Theft Auto 4

Roman Bellic Grand Theft Auto 4

Players are introduced to Roman Bellic early on in Grand Theft Auto 4. The Russian playboy (or so he thinks) takes it upon himself to show the player around town and provide some helpful tips about picking up chicks and making a little money.

Unfortunately, Roman quickly becomes an annoyance with his constant calling and nagging for the player to go bowling or grab lunch.

It’s a good thing the gameplay was so good, because it’s likely Roman would turn players off Grand Theft Auto 4 otherwise. Luckily, it looks like Rockstar recognized Roman’s annoying nature, and made sure to keep such character interaction to a minimum in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Mr. Resetti – Animal Crossing

Mr Resetti Animal Crossing

Nintendo wanted to make sure players didn’t lose their progress in their game Animal Crossing, so they invented a character to remind players to save their progress. This character was Mr. Resetti.

Unfortunately, rather than being a friendly helper who made sure players saved their game before resetting, Mr. Resetti ended up annoying players to no end. In fact, it could be said that Mr. Resetti was more annoying than losing content from not saving.

It would have been much nicer of Nintendo to create an instant save feature that kept players’ info safe without the annoying character.

Oddjob – Goldeneye

Oddjob Goldeneye

Every person who played Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 wanted to be Oddjob. It wasn’t because he was the coolest or the fastest character, it was because he was the shortest.

Oddjob’s short stature made him hard to shoot, thereby also making him the most coveted character in the game. However, those who were stuck with a different character found Oddjob to be extremely annoying. Because of this, many players undoubtedly started making rules that kept anyone from using the character, which in turn likely saved many friendships.

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