6 Things That Need to be in Gears of War 4

While previously it seemed like the Gears of War brand would be taking a break, happy news for fans broke this week that the franchise would soon be emerging once again. The future of the series was in doubt after Epic Games wanted to pursue other projects and focus on its Unreal Engine, so instead of waiting for the franchise’s parent company to be ready, Microsoft bought up the rights for themselves and gave the reins to Black Tusk Studios.

Nothing is yet known about the franchise’s future or exactly what the next installment will look like, but fans can be happy knowing that they haven’t revved their Lancers for the last time.

With a new arrival on the way, we listed a few things that we hope are included in Gears of War 4. With new hardware in the Xbox One, is it time for the series to refresh its approach or should the series stick with what it knows? Here are our thoughts.

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