Way before you were a gamer and video game consoles became the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, we relied on television ads to see which games looked fun enough to warrant investing our hard-earned money in. Sometimes the games were as awesome as the commercials told you they were, and sometimes the games were absolutely awful. Whatever memory you have of the game though, you still remember the commercial that convinced you to part with your birthday money from Grandma.

This epiphany got us thinking, what are the five best video game commercials of all time? Deciding which game advertisements to include on the list was incredibly difficult, because each has its own nostalgia factor to certain groups of gamers. We did leave out commercials from the Atari era (mainly because commercials that old suck anyway), but SEGA Genesis and onwards is represented quite accurately.

So, which five commercials made our list for the best video game commercials ever created? Check out the infamous video game commercials that captured our interest, got us talking, made us laugh, and even a couple that made a select few of us tear up. Without further ado, I present the Top 5 Video Game Commercials of All Time.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 “Infomercial”

Back in the days when SEGA and Nintendo had an intense blood feud, the SEGA Genesis really started to heat up with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog. While the blue blur’s original game set new standards in the platforming genre, the second one was home to several big improvements. The gameplay was enjoyable and helped envisionĀ Sonic the Hedgehog as a household name, but a commercial that was released a little while after Sonic the Hedgehog 2‘s release is easily one of the funniest commercials ever to air on television.

Mocking the traditional informercial format, SEGA listed all of the things that Sonic the Hedgehog did aside from just being a game. It didn’t really do any of the things it mentioned, but it got me thinking that someone really should patent a video game cartridge that is capable of chopping up food and tidying up those tough to clean messes.


Nintendo characters get violent…

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