Game Rant has already done a feature on Pokemon with the top 5 things we wanted to see in happen in Pokemon Black and White, but, judging by a few comments, we were alerted to another issue – some Pokemon are in desperate need of an evolved form.

The topic sparked my interest so I decided to turn it in to its own article.

It’s science, there are tons of Pokemon currently in existence that only have one form and can’t evolve. These Pokemon have the potential to be something completely and utterly bad-ass, (like our pick for the best Pokemon of all – Magikarp), but can never follow through on that potential – because they simply haven’t been offered the opportunity to take it to the next level – to evolve.

Legendaries are the only Pokemon that don’t need to evolve because they are ridiculously strong, and for the most part are pretty damn cool – but for the rest, evolution is key.

So, without further ado I give you Game Rant’s Top 5: Pokemon that need to evolve.


5. Stantler

Stantler is a deer Pokemon (if you didn’t pick that up). It is a normal type Pokemon with some decent move set potential. However, most Pokemon Masters don’t utilize this one because of its lack of overall strength and appeal. This could all change if Stantler was given an evolved form. What could a deer evolve in to? A moose Pokemon of course! That way I could finally make use of the Stantler that has been gathering dust in my PC. Go Poke-negligence!


4. Girafarig

If you are a fan of Pokemon with two heads then you will love this one; Girafarig’s tail is actually another head that does indeed have its own brain. Sure, the head looks like a chain chomp, but that just makes it even more bad-ass! The Pokemon just seems too cute though — not that 95% of them aren’t. An evolved form could actually make the Pokemon the size of a real giraffe, instead of standing roughly the same size as a 10 year-old kid.


3. Pachirisu

In every generation of Pokemon they have added an electric rodent that is reminiscent of the series most recognizable character, Pikachu. Pachirisu is an electric squirrel that has no evolved form, so in other words, you add its data to your Pokedex and then condemn it to life in a PC. The evolution of a squirrel Pokemon is obviously a flying squirrel, which is probably the most terrifying creature known to man.


2. Dunsparce

Dunsparce, the do nothing Pokemon. This Pokemon looks like Peter City’s Brock went off and mated with Ash’s Pikachu. Yeah, it’s ugly and basically useless, but if it evolved it has the potential to become a bad-ass. The thing already has wings and a spiked tail, so it is pretty much already a dragon in the making. This is a Pokemon that absolutely needs to evolve in Pokemon Black and White, and if it doesn’t I will cry… and it will be the worst Christmas ever.


1. Farfetch’d

Farfetch’d is unlike the other Pokemon on this list, and that is because he is actually pretty cool. That being said, any Pokemon in the original 151 are pretty much awesome and kick the crap out of every other Pokemon created afterwards. To get back on topic, Farfetch’d is a normal/flying type that has been known to club enemies with the leek that it carries around with it at all times. Farfetch’d could evolve into a kung-fu-esque duck Pokemon, and in all seriousness what could be cooler than a kung-fu duck?

There you have it folks, Game Rant’s Top 5 Pokemon that need to evolve. There are many other Pokemon that could stand to benefit from an evolutionary phase, but we simply didn’t view them as needing to evolve as bad as these guys.

Pokemon Black and White has been given a Spring 2010 release date, so we will see what Nintendo and Gamefreak have planned for the future of the franchise then.

What do you think of our top 5? Which Pokemon would you like to see evolve?