Top 5 3DS Games That Haven't Been Announced

Top 5 Unannounced 3DS Games

The 3DS is set to launch later this month in Japan, while North America and Europe are still a little over a month away from getting our hands on the device. Even though there's still a bit of a wait, that has not stopped the anticipation for the Nintendo 3DS from reaching a boiling point.

Everyone is excited to play with the brand new glasses-less technology, but what's the point of an awesome device without awesome software? While the launch lineup for the 3DS isn't looking that spectacular, people should still have faith in the Big N. Time and time again they've proven why they've remained on top of the portable market for well over a decade.

All of that being said, we're always looking for the announcement of the next killer app. We know that awesome games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Star Fox 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition are coming to the platform at various points this year.

After this year, however, is completely new territory, so Game Rant is here to introduce the top five games that have yet to be officially announced for the 3DS. Evidence seems to point out that these titles are on their way, so get ready for the latest Top 5.

Monster Hunter 3DS

Monster Hunter starts off the list, and it's certainly not a massive shocker for those who have been following the series closely. Ever since the dawn of current gen portables Monster Hunter has been a PSP exclusive, and that's not because Capcom felt like excluding Nintendo fans from their extremely profitable franchise. Capcom even brought out a Wii version of Monster Hunter, and it sold fairly well. The original DS just didn't have the same raw power as the PSP, and Capcom chose to make their game for the more capable system. Graphical power is no longer a problem for the high-powered 3DS, though.

Monster Hunter producer Ryuji Tsujimoto has even teased at Monster Hunter 3DS, stating that "the 3DS is releasing, too, so I think the right time to switch [Monster Hunter] to new hardware is coming as well." He could have been referring to making the jump to the Sony NGP, but why even mention the 3DS in the same sentence if that's what he meant? Monster Hunter is extremely likely to make the jump to 3DS, and odds are we'll be seeing it sooner rather than later.

Kirby 3DS

Number four on our list is none other than the infamous pink puff ball, Kirby. A 3D Kirby could be great: imagine Kirby sucking up enemies and using his powers, all of which could be witnessed in 3D. Utilizing moves and destroying objects that literally stick out of the screen would be a wonderful way to breathe some new life into the series.

The magenta vacuum has made our list due to the simple fact that the Kirby series has appeared quite a few times on the current-gen DS, and has managed to find its way to the Wii in the form of Kirby's Epic Yarn. Nintendo also just announced a brand new Kirby adventure for the Wii, which just goes to show that nobody has given up on rotund hero yet, and that Nintendo isn't going to stop shipping Kirby games for a long, long time.

Pikmin 3DS

Firmly planting its feet in the number three spot is none other then Capt. Olimar and his merry band of Pikmin. Pikmin has some pretty serious potential as a 3DS game, mainly due to the ability to literally see dozens of little creatures scurrying across the screen. The game seems all too perfect for the Nintendo 3DS, and there is actually a lot of evidence to support a possible 3DS installment of the long dormant franchise.

Pikmin has already been listed at a retailer and then quickly ripped down. Could have been an honest mistake by the UK retailer though, right? Well, the game's creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata have already admitted to seeing the game in action on the 3D handheld. Evidence seems to support Pikmin coming to the 3DS, and it's enough to land it at number three on our list.

Pokemon 3DS

Pokemon Black and White haven't even launched anywhere outside of Japan yet and there's already talk of a Pokemon game for the 3DS. It's certainly a no-brainer that one of Nintendo's largest money makers, which has already sold over 5 million units in Japan alone, would make the move to the new handheld in an attempt to continue making massive amounts of cash. Pokemon on the 3DS would be pretty awesome, and could certainly feature more than just updated graphics.

Pokemon has already been confirmed to currently be in development for the 3DS, but nobody knows what kind of Pokemon game it could be. Odds are that a spin-off that will hit the 3DS first, but Nintendo will surely return to the classic adventure games that everyone loves -- it's only a matter of time. For now we can only speculate and look back to past patterns to see that the usual next step falls into the remake category. 3D Ruby and Sapphire? I'm not mad.

Super Mario 3DS

Here it is, the number one spot. Mario is an obvious choice to appear on any Nintendo console, and the Nintendo 3DS won't break this long running tradition. Super Mario Galaxy is an extremely well-received game, and it would be amazing on the Nintendo 3DS. A Mario Galaxy game simply wasn't possible on the DS, due to the lack of joystick that is essential for navigating around planets. Fortunately, the 3DS comes with the much needed piece of technology.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has already admitted that Nintendo will be creating both 3D and side-scrolling Mario games for the 3DS. This may not mean that a portable Mario Galaxy is in the cards, but a 3D Mario adventure title of some sort is coming. Mario games traditionally do well for Nintendo, and Mario Galaxy 3DS could do some serious sales for the company. Worst case scenario: we get a sequel to Super Mario 64, which is by no means a bad thing.


Those are the top five 3DS games that we will likely be seeing at some point in the 3DS's life cycle. We know four out of five of the games we've chosen are Nintendo-made games, but Nintendo really is the king of their own console. That's certainly not to say that we aren't excited for a new 3D Scribblenauts or a Dragon Quest XIV, but nothing has been announced or even remotely hinted at regarding those games, so we'll have to wait.

Other series, like Donkey Kong, Metroid, and Super Smash Bros. have some serious potential to appear on the portable too, but for the time being there's still a massive question mark hanging over them. Hopefully Nintendo sees the demand for all of their series to appear on the 3DS, and will bring them to it in order to keep gamers in 3D ecstasy for years to come.

What do you think of our top five? What other games do you think we'll eventually see on the Nintendo 3DS?

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