Fable 4

While the prevalence of Xbox 360 exclusives continues to wane, there is one title that most fans are already looking forward to: Fable 4. Typically part of a two-year cycle, the Fable series has always been about evolving the video game experience into something truly unique. Unfortunately, in most cases, when compared to the promise the result falls a bit short.

When it comes to Fable 4 though, there are a lot of qualities from previous games in the series that we hope to see return. Combat has always been one of the most exciting elements, as well as the game’s ability to tell a story that feels as if it is the definition of epic. Where the games tend to go wrong is more in the subtle details, like last year’s ‘Road to Rule’ mechanics — namely the handholding and the third act decision-focused parts of the game.

What we want to see is a combination of the elements that Fable has done well with for the past three iterations with some new concepts that don’t feel tacked on or lacking polish. The idea of becoming king was a fascinating one, but perhaps if it was more action-packed it might have been more successful.

Rumored Games E3 2011 Star Wars Battlefront 3

Star Wars: Battlefront 3

The funny thing about Star Wars: Battlefront 3 is that there are so many rumors and speculation over the title, we just want to know if it’s really going to happen or not. The game has changed hands more than a few times, but those close to the production still maintained that Battlefront 3 was definitely in development.

After some assumed that the game had been quietly killed by LucasArts, only a year ago new evidence surfaced that led us to believe that while excitement may have died down, an announcement at last year’s E3 was possible. Alas, nothing was announced, and fans of large-scale combat with lightsabers tasted disappointment yet again (thanks, Force Unleashed 2).

So here we are again, hoping that E3 will show us that Battlefront 3 may still have some life left in it. New interest in the Star Wars universe in the lead up to release of The Old Republic could make the title a more appealing one, not even considering the leaps and bounds in online multiplayer since the first title’s release. Evidence isn’t easy to come by, but don’t bother telling us that it’s wrong to hope.

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