Grand Theft Auto V

There’s no need to justify the announcement of Grand Theft Auto V as one of our most expected, but the sheer mystery surrounding the nature of the game can’t be overlooked. While Rockstar took a break from the Grand Theft Auto franchise, they managed to release both Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire: two titles that are helping to redefine maturity in modern gaming. So with GTA 5, can we expect the developers to return to the immature and crude roots of the series, or try something new?

If the websites registered for the game are any indication, the next GTA game may be just what fans of lewd humor have been missing. The technical advancements in both of Rockstar’s last titles are sure to be worked into the game, but exactly what kind of animal it will turn out to be is a mystery. A possible leaked release date for the game, and rumored connections to the Wii 2 all point to an announcement of some kind at E3 2011, but we won’t know anything until Rockstar decides to pull back the curtain.

Whether the next game sets a new standard in mature storytelling, or just mature content, we’ll be happy to see just what kind of publisher Rockstar is poised to become over the coming years.

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Halo 4

If there’s one thing that gamers everywhere seem to hold their breath for, it’s Halo. Since Bungie parted ways with the property after completing development on Halo: Reach, the reins of the series has been handed over to the more than capable minds at 343 Industries. While the idea of a Halo 4 is just too good to imagine, industry rumors have been pointing to a game not only being under development, but even scheduled for a holiday release. The latest industry rumors point to the next game not being the continuation of Master Chief’s story, but rather an HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Remakes have proven to be money-makers in the past, but reproducing a remastered version of a game so beloved and fresh in the memory of Halo fans is a risky proposition. If 343 Industries is in fact working on a remake of the game that started it all, then we have to wonder what the developers mean when they say they’ll be bringing “dramatic innovations” to the property. Does this mean the story or delivery will be overhauled, or will the improvements apply strictly to multiplayer?

With Microsoft keeping quiet on the game in question, your guess is as good as ours. But if Halo is on display at E3 in any shape or form, you can bet that we’ll be just as excited as you to hear about it.

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